Valentine Wishes…




A single rose, a dinner, a dance,

a poem, a song, a heart, a chance.

A loving missive

a kiss, a glance–

the world is ours

and we are blessed

if even once


we have Loved.



Wishing all of you a Lovely day, full of happiness, hearts and flowers as you go your way…

Love you!  ~ Lily







She snuggled close

He was morose

She reclined her head

He stood instead

She only wanted a chance

Not a lover’s dance

He was vacant

when he wasn’t complacent

She finally bid Adieu

To which he said

Wait! Where are you?

By then she was faraway

And he

With pain did pay.



… and the moral of the story is:  Don’t take Your Love for granted!  : )

~ Lily


Walk my way…











With gratitude…




With Gratitude


The sky

with wisps ethereal

or towering



ever changing


The trees twinkling with leaves

textured with bark



and beautiful–

see what can be?

The grass is never greener

than in our summers

The water


do you



to be as wonderful and

as full of wonder as


can be?


When your child

was born

as close to heaven

his face

when he loves

your lips

when kissed

the drawing

is for you

when you dance

you laugh

your eyes your being

you feel


and given


of humanity

and one


in the dark you know

all you need

is there

you know.

You know.



May you be filled with Wonder for the beauty and bounty of this earth, and with Love for those who mean the world to you.

Happy Thanksgiving!

~ Lily



Fall collage…



I’ll take these gifts:

bits of coloured glass

from the sea

blue green and amber

nestled in bisque pottery

shaped fine

and lovingly,

a chestnut

found upon the path

its prickly case


sponge protection

enveloping it like an egg

in a middle-school science experiment,

a glossy auburn treasure





beside a laced leaf

upon my window sill

and the ginkgo

with its perfect pleats

fanned next to a simple note

written by a child

my child

my memories

arranged with

bits of nature

like a collage of beauty

taped over the holes

of my soul.



Unwrapped …


Unwrapped (edit) …


As a shining bauble on his arm

to complement elegance

and charm,

with grace, some sparkle, and beauty,

words in play

and avarice

his hedonistic duty,

enticements of this earth

but scant the ways of heaven,

I set aside those words,

that world,

and attached myself instead

to what is beyond and what is within

and what can be trusted,

to Begin

a simple life…



Mood du jour…



An inner rein

that falls at whim

wrapping up

but pulling in,

when the world intrudes and troubles

strength recedes

like water waves

–ripples, flows, crashes, plays–

tide returns

in time, in phase.