She snuggled close

He was morose

She reclined her head

He stood instead

She only wanted a chance

Not a lover’s dance

He was vacant

when he wasn’t complacent

She finally bid Adieu

To which he said

Wait! Where are you?

By then she was faraway

And he

With pain did pay.



… and the moral of the story is:  Don’t take Your Love for granted!  : )

~ Lily









The blanket

becomes too warm and itchy

wrapped tight,

the quiet

sounds loud

at night,

the walls in winter

close in

though framed

and bright–

Your spirit

cannot help but reach

for Light.



Life: It’s all in the execution…




Life: It’s All in the Execution…


Seize the day

with its time to do everything

your way.

But alone is not what you wish,


is not what you crave,

as you sip your organic T

missing the L.C.,

watching couples

in step,


lovers an arm’s length apart,



with sneers–

how much time

how many years?

A family with

tag-along kids:


shrill, impatient


head down

and you wonder

do they know

do they know what they have?

What they might salvage,

what they can save?



selfish is a state of mind.

But aloneness

is an execution





This month… may you find love or keep love, cherish love: reap love.

~ Lily


Walk my way…











Love Poems towards Valentine’s Day

Implore Deux
How could we
have been made so Loving
if not meant to Love?
It only stands to reason,
I nod to God Above.
And flailing, I seek my purpose,
restless and loveless both.
I wonder at how much grace I have,
and how much Hope.
Tell me a story from your life
she said.
There is nothing to tell
said he.
I didn’t Live
until I met You.
I should not be walking.
my skin my face
at the fingertips
Walk fast walk fast
pick up pace.
Snow hardened
on evergreen
Like crystal
like lace,
in my little heart
on my winter face.

Christmas Cooking…



First I scrub the small round red potatoes

let them sit in a colander

Christmas card messages

dancing in my head

melt butter

slice in onions, cook until glassy

slightly browned


does he say he misses

my smiling face

when he is the one who

forfeited my smiles?

Slice and layer the potatoes

seasoned white sauce

grated aged cheeses

snip fresh herbs atop

ignore the texts

for the time being

from another who is intriguing

but too persistent

too everywhere

and inconsistent

when I need

reliable and

my own time sometimes

to make potatoes au gratin

on the way to Christmas

as busy-ness intersperses with loneliness

as children come and go

we dash

to gatherings, parties, dinners

then I regroup to contemplate

my myriad fates

while singing to myself

Auld Lang Syne

the potatoes smell divine

I take them out early


to finish baking

Christmas day.


Hello dear friend.

I hope good things

come your way.


~ Lily


Update, Part II




When last we left our heroine, she was at a party,

underdressed for the occasion, but happy.

She met many fascinating people.

She met a man

who asked her out


he was charming, funny

great smile


they subsequently went out several times,

first just to a cafe’ to talk, then to dine, then to walk and eat and laugh, then to a film…

And now our heroine is pinching herself–isn’t life Weird?? Yes. With a capital W. It is sweet to date, it is cheering to have company and to get considerate little text messages throughout the day. She’s not sure… about him, but partly because she is not sure about herself. What is she looking for? How can she know if he fits without knowing the answer to that question? It seems that most people know what they want when they find what feels right, what seems comfortable. Yes, it seems comfortable though still a bit in discovery mode. That, and also it is a bit challenging because the heroine finds herself with a brainy guy, maybe a bit complex, maybe holding his cards a bit closer than she is used to. Of course, she is an emotional and sensitive being and she is communicative, in her own understated cheery way. She knows she can’t expect him to be quite the same . Part of growing is realizing how human each of us is, how imperfect no matter how hard we try. So, taking it easy, trying to calmly observe and for the present to accept this gift of companionship and potential love; those are the orders of the day.

Even if it doesn’t last, it’s good now. If it does last, it had a good beginning.

Stay tuned.