Misery Loves Company…




Ask and it shall be given unto you,

Seek and ye shall find

When you get to the end of your rope

C’mon over and visit mine.


Just a silly little ditty, I don’t know where it came from really, it just popped into my head. My mind likes to make rhymes sometimes, so don’t worry, it’s just wordplay. I like the company aspect; think how much happier we could be with the constant availability of perfect company! (… see what I mean? : )

Anyone else with useless and nearly-hidden talents, or silly wishes that will never be but do seem to have some practicality? ( Maybe I should write nursery rhymes. Do you think there are career possibilities there?)

~ Lily



20 Comments on “Misery Loves Company…”

  1. andy1076 says:

    I like 😀 lol

  2. free penny press says:

    I’m too silly for my own good some times.. 😉

    • lily says:

      A sense of humour is such a gift and such a fine survival tool. You have humour, creativity, compassion, and intellect, and you look so cool in your shades. Sheesh, how much more gifted can one person be??? Bottle it and send it over, will you please Lynne? : )

      ~ Lily

  3. I think it’s adorable! It’s really hard to rhyme, but somehow everything you write works splendidly.
    P.S. I’ve been making wishes 🙂

  4. irfriske says:

    “Anyone else with useless and nearly-hidden talents, or silly wishes that will never be but do seem to have some practicality?”
    Or… they are extraordinary life lines to our soul, are most inner self that are just waiting for us to acknowledge how very wonderful, uniquely individual and talented we are. Go for the gold Lilly, you are fantastic and you deserve it!!

    • lily says:

      Cat, every person on this earth should have someone as encouraging, positive, and caring as you on their side. You are a true blessing.
      Many many thanks,
      ~ Lily

  5. smommy says:

    ends of ropes are always better when you have company…makes them much more enjoyable. cheers…to rope ends, frayed or not!

    • lily says:

      Frayed! You have come up with the perfect word!
      Though not at the end of any ropes, I do feel a bit frayed around the edges these days.
      Also, I am at times ‘frayed of this scary world ; )

      How about you? How are you doing these days? Are you hanging on, happily?

      ~ Lily

  6. I think just writing it, even if only in your head, is the perfect way to remain sane in this, ‘a frayed era’, Lily! Yet, we all have much to look forward to, if only we seek!

    LOVE this spectacular image…look deeply into that water, and then…who knows?

    • lily says:

      Aw, glad you of all people like this photo.
      Yes, I write to vent, reflect, and to deflect the woes of the world so that they don’t soak too deeply into my soul. Oh and also to share a bit; we are all in this life together, more or less, after all. : )
      ~ Lily

      • We ARE, and I sometimes wonder if we ALL even should be, as I read the news from across the world, Lily! I refuse to let depression take over…that’s why I keep the blog, so my mind stays focused on my Art and my craft! Have a beautiful weekend!

  7. DM says:

    Dear Lily, I’ve checked in several times the past couple of months and always got a notice your blog had expired. So good to see you are still alive 🙂 Please don’t disappear into cyberspace w/o me having a chance to @ least tell you goodby I’ve always appreciated your kind heart. DM

  8. Hi Lily, Just missing you. I hope all is well ❤

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