Sending Cheer to Thomas…




This photo is from my archives; all low-lying vegetation here is currently under feet of snow…

Just sending bright flowery greetings and thoughts out to my WordPress friend Thomas (go to his site, here) who is going into the hospital for surgery on Monday.

I am always happy to see him when he visits here, and often I can be found reading in his interesting and compelling little corner of the world. His blog is full of his artistry and history and his posts never cease to amuse, inform, and fascinate me.

My thoughts are with him, and if I could think of something sparkling and cheery enough to match his dry wit and brilliant mind, I’d send that too!

Meanwhile sending warm wishes and prayers your way, Tom.

May you soon happily return to grace your place, and mine.

~ Lily


7 Comments on “Sending Cheer to Thomas…”

  1. Beautiful! Love that color yellow…wish it was spring.

    • lily says:

      Aw, well it’s just a little thing in the midst of this Vast cyber space, Tom, but my prayers tend to be quite potent, just so you know. : )


  2. I followed you from Thomas. That’s a lovely way to cheer someone up, I hope it did!

    • lily says:

      Thank you for wandering over here, Beautiful. I too hope that Thomas is cheered. I’m going to really miss his blog while he’s in hospital, so I do hope he hurries back. My goodness, that sounds rather selfish of me. Well anyway, let’s just say that it is in his best interest as well as mine for him to recover speedily!

      Please wander over here anytime. It’s a friendly if at times contemplative bunch here : )

      ~ Lily

  3. Not as much snow here in Chicago, Lily…raining today! Thanks so for the link to Thomas’ site…you are both in my thoughts!

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