Life: It’s all in the execution…




Life: It’s All in the Execution…


Seize the day

with its time to do everything

your way.

But alone is not what you wish,


is not what you crave,

as you sip your organic T

missing the L.C.,

watching couples

in step,


lovers an arm’s length apart,



with sneers–

how much time

how many years?

A family with

tag-along kids:


shrill, impatient


head down

and you wonder

do they know

do they know what they have?

What they might salvage,

what they can save?



selfish is a state of mind.

But aloneness

is an execution





This month… may you find love or keep love, cherish love: reap love.

~ Lily



12 Comments on “Life: It’s all in the execution…”

  1. irfriske says:

    Be the love to thee, do like a flower you will attract the interested bees!

    • lily says:

      That doth sound rather Elizabethan, Cat : ) But don’t worry, I am dating sometimes and otherwise am occupied. I vent here and I like to write about love, or the lack thereof as the case may bee: )
      Of course, if more bees with similar interests and values would fly by, that would be a good thing!
      Thank you kindly, kind one.
      ~ Lily

  2. Victoria says:

    A very nice execution of your thoughts…lovely!

  3. DM says:

    Have missed your musings….Great to hear from you are part of my daily reading. You’ve created a special little spot here on line that overflows with kindness and encouragement..that is why I like stopping by. DM

    • lily says:

      Smiling at your comment DM; you are so kind. Thank you. I’m glad that you like to stop by, and I am always honoured to have you in my presence. Also, I am forever fascinated by your posts at your site(s). I always learn something and wonder at the beauty you have photographed. I hope all is well and happy at your farm, in your workshop, and with your family.
      ~ Lily

  4. janinevasta says:

    If you really do reap what you sow dear Lily… have endless love to look forward to, I know. x

  5. So simple and beautiful, Lily…and your wish should not only be for this month, but for always!

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