and the days are so busy

the nights are so long

dark lonely


but when I wake

there is morning


morning light

filtered through white curtains

shadows dashed

hopes resurrected



at a time.


It is a wet grey day today, but somehow the gleaming dark wash of the street and the stalwart bare trees seem fresh and reassuring. It just goes to show that perspective makes the difference between dreary and cleansed, sometimes. And, as I am an anachronistic Romantic of sorts, this day and this weather reflect my mood. I could be dreary, but I am not. I could sink into the greyness, but I don’t. I feel the wash of the rain, I feel the rinse of the old and the dust, and the chance for something new.

I spent part of Thanksgiving with friends and loved ones, but part of it was necessarily solitary. I needed to be Thankful in my own way, away from the gatherings and feasting, and away from the shopping crowds converging upon the big-box stores like ants towards a bit of fallen fruit.

I went to a park where families and couples were walking, pushing strollers, biking alongside helmet-heavy young riders, or running or rollerblading in black spandex. Pausing to watch and smile at these passersby every so often, I read. I read a book, cover to cover.

Sometimes I choose to read historical or non-fiction books for learning and information.  Other times I read classics and fiction in order to go away, to vacation through the eyes and experiences and thoughts of the author whom I’ll never even meet. I’ve done that literary traveling for as long as I can remember. The challenge is to find a very good book. Its pleasure for me is escapist but also the satisfaction serves as a base for viewing the world, my world in relation to the world out there. It ‘evens’ me, if that makes sense. My far flung and wide-ranging artistic emotions settle down as my world-view stretches. It’s as if I gently allow more of the world in, and that calms me.

When I am feeling as calm and at peace as a restless soul can feel, I tend also toward grateful and prayerful. When I pray, it is to an always-present supreme being who knows me, but I don’t know Him (?) as well, or perhaps not as well as I should, or so it seems to me. I feel held, but as if in a fog or expanse of universal space, as if outer space and the whole of the universe is pulled close, but as a feeling inside. Imagine there is an invisible blanket– soft, warm and cozy. I pull it as tight as I need it and feel comforted. Alright, I’m sure I’m weird and I’m sure most of you know this by now, so let’s just move along…

I re-centered myself, that is the main thing. I thought: “Yes, you feel alone sometimes but you’re not really alone. You’re not sure of exactly what to do, but you know you’re gaining strength and re-harnessing creativity; you are becoming. You are becoming more your true self.  Maybe that is preparation for something, or maybe it simply is as it is meant to be.”

With that “Onward” attitude in hand, I met a friend after work and we laughed and talked as the time zipped by.  Coincidentally, I was invited to a party that evening near where my friend and I were meeting. When she went home to her husband and children, I went back and forth in my mind over whether or not to stop into the party. I hadn’t planned to go as there would be many people and I wouldn’t know them. I am reserved as you would expect, at least at first, but I do love meeting people and hearing little bits about their lives. Once I decide to attend anything I summon my confidence (a remnant from my youth) and have a good time.

I hadn’t been home since early morning but driving all the way home and back to change clothes would take too much time, I’d be too late. The unfortunate side of that is that I wouldn’t be able to change into something dressier or to do my hair or makeup for the party.  I would therefore look like someone who had ambled in after a long day, not someone who had primped to be fresh and festive. But, I do wear a smile well. I had that, anyway.

I also had my re-adjusted attitude. I felt content and I wasn’t looking or yearning for anyone or anything. I felt like I was fortunate to be able to go where I pleased, to smile and exchange a few kind words with other souls on this earth.

I felt good, and happy.

My gumption and I went to the party.


I hope all is likewise fine in your life. How are you faring, these busy days?

~ Lily




7 Comments on “Update.”

  1. beachmama777 says:

    Good for you, Lily!!! I’m so proud of you for doing this, for setting aside all those “shoulds” and taking the risk. I can’t wait to hear the next “chapter.” You are such a dear, kind, introspective and thoughtful person. It’s such a joy to read your blog!

    • lily says:

      Thank you kindly, and likewise : )
      Now see, I wished you Love and your wishes came true! Can’t help but be optimistic with such examples in my midst!
      Stay happy,
      ~ Lily

  2. A beautiful, sincere smile is worth more than all the fancy make-up and false eyelashes in the world, Lily! Well done, I say…and it’s wonderful to read your healing is coming along quite well! Have a fun and restful weekend…I somehow feel you deserve to pamper yourself a bit?

    • lily says:

      Aw thanks. I am tooo busy these days for pampering, but I love finding or making perfect gifts for my friends and family, and the holiday get togethers and happiness are wonderful to imagine. I so look forward to them. I am working out a lot to de-stress, so maybe that counts as pampering.:)
      I hope you are pampering yourself with more luscious baking, and of course your extraordinary photographic walking tours!
      ~ Lily

  3. janinevasta says:

    You are becoming Lily. Very becoming and it’s time the world around you started to sit up and take notice! 😉 How fortunate are they to have such a smile in their midst. xx

  4. lily says:

    Thank you Janine, you are wonderful indeed. I wish the world to be gentle, but I am content to be out in it in my own understated way : ) As we know, there is not enough grace and elegance, so I try for a little of those. You are naturally elegant, and your grace is evident and likely effortless. Thank you for gracing my little place, here : )
    ~ Lily

  5. irfriske says:

    Good for you, all of your summations show you definitely deciding and choosing the better thought, feeling and idea of each of your moments. Wonderful how much life there is to enjoy that way!

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