With gratitude…




With Gratitude


The sky

with wisps ethereal

or towering



ever changing


The trees twinkling with leaves

textured with bark



and beautiful–

see what can be?

The grass is never greener

than in our summers

The water


do you



to be as wonderful and

as full of wonder as


can be?


When your child

was born

as close to heaven

his face

when he loves

your lips

when kissed

the drawing

is for you

when you dance

you laugh

your eyes your being

you feel


and given


of humanity

and one


in the dark you know

all you need

is there

you know.

You know.



May you be filled with Wonder for the beauty and bounty of this earth, and with Love for those who mean the world to you.

Happy Thanksgiving!

~ Lily



18 Comments on “With gratitude…”

  1. boomiebol says:

    Happy thanksgiving, this is lovely

  2. Just perfect for Thanksgiving. Have a blessed day!

  3. free penny press says:

    Your sincerity and kindness are so abundant in this poem. It’s lovely.. Have a most enjoyable day Lily!!

  4. Superbly written, Lily…and hope your Thanksgiving Day has been (somewhat?) HAPPY as well!

    • lily says:

      Having a happy Thanksgiving weekend, and met up with friends all day today. Was fun! I hope you are likewise feeling well and happy, and that your thoughts are filled with beauty.
      Thank you for your compliments, kindness, and support always,

      ~ Lily

  5. irfriske says:

    Thank you, and yours as well!

  6. Happy Late Thanksgiving…

    • lily says:

      Ah, it is still Thanksgiving weekend, your timing is fine.
      I hope you are likewise having a fine Thanksgiving holiday, D.
      Wishing you peace and happiness,

      ~ Lily

  7. Omg that was beautiful Lilly, and the photos make me want to move back to Rhode Island. ❤

  8. janinevasta says:

    As my little one turns into a teenager people ask me where did the years go. But i know exactly where they went. Because I was there. And that’s the thing I’ve got to be thankful for for than any other. Thank you for your beautiful, gossamer words Lily. As always. x

    • lily says:

      Good, I’m happy that you have satisfaction and integrity. Those keep me company sometimes, and they may you, too. While patiently awaiting other company, of course ; )
      ~ Lily

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