Indelible marks on a soul…



Indelible Marks on a Soul


I remember his glossy dark hair

dark eyes

calm, so calm

a channel to channel.


I remember his deep voice

as a song

resonating strength

in which to swim.


I remember his fine mind

sharp, piercing

words cutting through

to my importance.


I remember

as he thrilled, waved

hurried to acquaint as if

discovering something special.


I remember

being loved

I remember.




10 Comments on “Indelible marks on a soul…”

  1. free penny press says:

    Lovely words Lily..

  2. A deep sadness such as yours
    Can only be washed away
    By the flowing of prayers
    From friends afar.

    Stay bright, Lily…for one never knows what tomorrow may bring!

  3. janinevasta says:

    Memories cut both way. I often ask myself Lily. Wouldn’t it have been better never to have met him? To now not have the memories, literally to not know what Love can feel like. Wouldn’t that be better, given everything? I don’t know. Do you? x

    • lily says:

      Each stanza here is a different love, my favorite qualities of each. Together, “he” sounds so perfect : )
      But I wouldn’t have lived my life without any of these loves, no. That’s how I stay hopeful… I know love is possible. Even despite the pain, even when it darn near kills me.
      ~ Lily

  4. Now thats an Indelible Poem for me.

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