Upon finding photographs of Christmas past (*updated)…



Photos of candlelit Christmas rooms

exquisitely trimmed tree,

garlanded mantle and window tops,

wreaths, nativity,

stockings hung with care,

broad smiles, you can see

playful merry children

celebrating happily.

And now

the room is gone and so the scene

set so perfect

so it seems

tied together with gossamer,

pine for happy them and me,

if only

that could be this year’s gift

under the Christmas tree.




I have never in my life had the Holiday Blues, and yikes, we’re not even to Thanksgiving!

Hmm. The hustle and bustle and relative tussle can be disquieting, I know. Are you happy no matter what, or how do you cope, if not?  

I’m thinking:  I should have coping mechanisms on hand this year!

I give thanks for all of You who stop in now and then! Enjoy your family time, your good food, and be thankful. Gratitude is such a wonderful quality, and hey we at least have each other out here in cyberspace. : )


Thanksgiving hugs,

and May Visions of Sugarplums Dance in your Head!

~ Lily


* Addendum: I should probably say that what made me melancholy and prompted the writing of this poem is that I am looking at happy family photos, but I’m divorced so my family is therefore asunder, which makes me feel sad for my children at holiday time.  I am looking forward to celebrations nonetheless and had/have lots of invites for holiday dinners and travels, not to worry.  Thank you all for your concern. : )



19 Comments on “Upon finding photographs of Christmas past (*updated)…”

  1. jeglatter says:

    I am with you Lily. Even this year lets know that all of it is Love!:)
    Happy Thanksgiving!

  2. free penny press says:

    I’m sure next year will my difficult year as all of my children will be out on their own.. I do miss the days of the youth though, it was such a great time in my life. I do understand Lily and if we have to meet on WP and swap silly jokes or something I won’t let you be blue 🙂

    • lily says:

      With a little luck and grace I should be more used to this by next year Lynne, so I’ll lend you a hand then. Meanwhile, thanks for the understanding and kind words. : ) I’ll see you around, for sure.

      ~ Lily

  3. DM says:

    We were 1000 miles from home for (5) years..during all of the family times…an older couple in our church invited all of us “orphan lambs” over to their home to join them..as I remember it, there were always 4 or 5 singles, plus our little family..it always felt bittersweet..more sweet than bitter…just knowing all of there were in the same sort of boat took the sting out of it. if you were close (I have no idea where you live 🙂 , I would definitely set an extra spot @ the table for you…. 🙂 DM

    • lily says:

      Aw, thank you DM. Not to worry, I have too many invites, wish I could attend them all. I do miss my own little family holidays though, when the kids were younger and we were together. Discord or not, the memories are fond. Divorce it has its dismal aspects for sure. Hug Mrs. DM and treasure your family times; I’m sure you do!
      Have a Happy Thanksgiving! I’ll bet the apple pies are incredible!
      ~ Lily

  4. We don’t do thanksgiving in England, Lily, but in any case, cheers for our American friends!

  5. StillValerie says:

    Happy Thanlsgiving from Canada, Lily. We celebrate Thanksgiving in October as our harvest season is earlier. Whether we are with family and friends or not, the holidays are a great time to reflect on what we are thankful for and all the blessings in our lives. … And you still have many Lily!

    Our church hosts Thanksgiving and Christmas meals for all the refugees, new comers and other folks alone at the holidays. Volunteering or being a part of these meals with this community group can help us feel connected to a bigger family.

    Oh and there’s all the great sale you have on Black Friday to look forward to! 🙂

    Hugs Lily!

    • lily says:

      Thank you for the wishes, Valerie! You’re right, holidays are wonderful times for reflection, and I am grateful for my many blessings, for sure.

      Yes, the sales are akin to Boxing Day sales, I think. I stay away from the madding crowds. : )

      ~ Lily

  6. Please don’t be BLUE, dear Lily…unless you add to it: REDS,GREENS, SILVERS, GOLD and lots of SPARKLES…all the colors of happiness for the next month+!!! Hope your Thanksgiving Day is beautiful…and know there are many who appreciate how you’ve been healing!

  7. lily says:

    Ah, thanks for the colour and cheer! : )
    May the kindness you show to others return to you…

    Have yourself a beautiful Thanksgiving Day, and a sweet and merry month ahead!

    ~ Lily

  8. Photographs of happy times past are like blades in my hands. I can’t even look. It’s really hard for me not to feel joy at Christmastime though. It’s just wonderful without trying, and my kids are still little. Sending love and thanks for the gift of knowing you. ❤

    • lily says:

      Wow, “like blades in my hand” is the perfect description. I know, I love Christmas too. Maybe that’s why I tried to deal with the pains so early?
      Thank you for the love and the gratitude! I send some of each right back to you! We tender hearts have to stick together–not like pumpkin seeds, but you know, like soldiers on the same side : ) (Life’s a battle, sometimes…)

      ~ Lily

  9. janinevasta says:

    We do have each other Lily! I am already turning blue myself! x

  10. Reading your poetry is very calm and soothing in these stressful times 🙂

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