Phone a friend.



Phone a Friend… 

(or: No Organic Red Potatoes Tonight)



Find a friend

when dismal

is beginning to feel normal


with friend


because you need to do so

and likely so does she or he

and then

because you miss your social whirl and

sparkling dinners,

have dinner with your friend

and laugh,

laugh in the face of misery

say good-bye to lonely

smile to exercise all facial muscles

so there will be no atrophy

while your world realigns

as of course it will.




10 Comments on “Phone a friend.”

  1. Such pleasure is derived, even from a far-away friendship, Lily! Thanks so for this beauty, and love the image of ‘two pink friends’–a fine analogy!

  2. irfriske says:

    Such a feeling of steps toward the best feeling in a moment!

  3. lily says:

    Thanks, Maggie : )
    ~ Lily

  4. janinevasta says:

    Dear Lily, I’m sorry it’s taken me a few days to catch up with you… Friends. People who love you and have time for you just because of who you are. How special. You deserve a multitude. And one day, because you’ve never stopped believing, a rather special one, a new friend will arrive. I know he will. And you will laugh. Jxx

    • lily says:

      Thank you, Janine. You are so faithful and encouraging, two splendid qualities. You so deserve someone wonderful who appreciates sensitive, beautiful, endlessly thoughtful you. Someday…
      And then, hopefully we will both smile, and laugh together.
      ~ Lily

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