It’s Friday evening and I am sitting here eating an organic red potato…



It’s Friday evening and I am sitting here eating an organic red potato…

isn’t that what everyone does on Friday nights?

I have music playing


acoustic Layla,

Thomas Tallis

Kind of Blue, yes,

and I may net a flick

or read

one of the many choices from

one of several stacks

of Good Books,

or phone a friend



over why I turned down a date

with a very nice–

though somewhat


with braggadocio–


why I

of course thought

it better

to stay home


eat an organic red potato.

What’s wrong with me?

At least I have plenty of food






17 Comments on “It’s Friday evening and I am sitting here eating an organic red potato…”

  1. janinevasta says:

    Nothing wrong with you Lily. You’re discerning, beautiful, talented, too healthy for your own good, maybe…;-) Maybe that’s why you don’t want a doctor – at least not that doctor – in your life just now. x

    • lily says:

      : ) Janine, I am beginning to think (or, to once again think…) that I am so Weird and Quirky that the possibility of someone actually being enthralled is… remote. However, when expectations are lowered and when we least expect, that is often when someone wonderful appears or something wonderful happens. Not always: sometimes we are acquainted with the wonderful and have to Make it Happen. Who knows. I frequently debate with myself. I hope it keeps the mind sharp ; )
      Hugs in the present, wishes for the future,
      ~ Lily

      • janinevasta says:

        Ironically, maybe, and I am the least expert of all, our qualities are the things that make finding that special someone more and more difficult. Couple that with once bitten…, becoming more discerning, more sophisticated and wise….But hope springs. I agree. Don’t think about it and it will fall in your lap. Because you’ll be too busy being wonderful you. Pazienza mia cara, paziena. x

        • lily says:

          Because I was so patient for so long, I think patience is more difficult now. But really, that is the only way. You are right. We need to keep busy as you are doing, and hope. Hope hard, pray incessantly. Savor your days with your beautiful daughter, too; those little loved ones grow up sooo quickly. You will someday look back and it will feel as if you blinked and she was suddenly grown and on her own, out in the world…
          ~ Lily

  2. free penny press says:

    Last night I stayed home and ate Pasta Alfredo, no date, just me.. I relate to the emotions here..very much

  3. Theadora says:

    Love. Love. Love, Lily! What a fabulous evening. Now I’m craving loud, loud music and an organic red potato. Perfection!! T.

    • lily says:

      Thank you, Theadora! It is nice to see you.
      Given a choice between this and exploring Paris, I’d choose Paris! But, there is some solace in music and books (perhaps not so much in baked potatoes!) so for now they will do.
      Have yourself a happy rest of the weekend!
      ~ Lily

  4. Nothing wrong with that Friday night 🙂

  5. Because an organic red potato is more satisfying, and doesn’t require you to dress up, wear make-up, and act as if you’re enjoying yourself? (Can you tell I prefer a ‘red potato’ night also, dear Lily?).

  6. Oh, I love this Lily!
    Sorry you haven’t heard from me. I’m in a really dark place, but you are making me smile right now :).

    • lily says:

      What! Oh please come out of your dark place! Hearts are waiting everywhere for you, human hearts too. That you smiled at my silly poetry is a good thing; if you have your sense of humor then your mood is clearly salvageable so that’s what we need to do, pick it up, cheer you up. On my kitchen counter I have an ever-increasing cluster of heart-shaped stones found when I walk. You would know how they just happen to be in the middle of a sidewalk or on a sandy beach. See, You Are Not Alone. There’s me, heart collector here… mending my heart and hoping hoping hoping praying sending positive thoughts that yours mends, too. ANd I am glad you are smiling because you know that when you smile and even when you Act happy you Become happier! Yes, studies actually have shown that : )
      Keep in touch. Keep me posted. Hugs!

      ~ Lily

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