Whether the Storm…



Ah Life,

Relentless is

your middle name.


Friends without power

no light, no heat, no showers

worried about rats and mold

and cold

their jobs their


such devastation

in their midst

in one blink

lives so changed,

what to fix first

which way to turn?


One long slog of a life

they –relatives, neighbors,

former loves–

unable to step

off treadmills,

out of wreckage,

molds and stagnation,

expenses, bills, biting at their heals

love elusive

a small rat race of

waking, working, sleeping

slow drain

long drudge

slow storm,

slow storm.


Ah me,

little in this Life,

but awake each day

so fortunate for

storms escaped,

so blessed with

hope and possibilities

love inclusive,


and power.

Ah Life.




14 Comments on “Whether the Storm…”

  1. Ah yes, Lily. Sometimes we forget how truly blessed we are till we see the devestation of a storm like Sandy and put our feet in another’s shoes. Blessed by you, and glad that you have power and the hope of new possibilities.

  2. I am glad you realize that you are blessed; some people who view another’s misfortunate never see their own blessings.

    Seeing the beach and ocean makes me long for the shore…I miss it. I’m sure many on the east coast think differently about now…

    • lily says:

      Thank you. I am so fortunate, indeed blessed, and very grateful. The ocean is so beautiful and always calling, but I prefer to walk its shore when it soughing soothes, not when it is dangerously stormy there, of course. : )

      ~ Lily

  3. free penny press says:

    Lily- what a beautiful reminder of our daily blessings and I already know you have many. I grew up with the Atlantic Ocean for a backyard so the ocean is where I feel truly at home.
    What a wonderful read this evening. thank you for your kindness, joy and lovely spirit!!

  4. lily says:

    Thank you, Lynne. I’m glad you liked this poem. I often think in poetry these days, not sure why. You’ll be near the ocean again when you move; I hope you will feel right at home!

    I have a little reminder posted where I can read it (it is supposed to give me strength, or courage), so I pass it along to you though you have already gone over the hurdle:
    On writing: “nothing was really worthwhile that didn’t cut pretty deep.” ~ Willa Cather

    ~ Lily

  5. Poignantly written…from your wonderful ‘heart of gold’, Lily! Prayers and thoughts go out from my own heart to the victims of Hurricane Sandy!

  6. janinevasta says:

    Life so daunting, precious, precarious and wonderful. All in a day sometimes. Keep your lovely face turned to the sun my dear Lily. x

  7. Very wonderful. Orofiorentino from Italy

  8. Really good Lily, really good.

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