Dating Advice for Guys, Part 2 …



Alright, if you are a single guy looking for the woman of your dreams, take heed:

As an addendum to my last dating lament, which you can read here, just in case you are a good guy who means well but somehow missed the memo on dating etiquette, THESE are some little suggestions that may help…

On a date:

1)  Let her walk through the doorway first (at restaurant, concert venue, museum, bar, store, etc…).

2) Hold the door for her (generally, and unless awkward to do so).

3) Let her walk to the table ahead of you in a restaurant.

4) Don’t start eating until you both have food/both have been served the course (such as appetizer, salad, soup, entree, or dessert). At a dinner party, wait until the hostess starts to eat.

5) If you asked her out, you chose the place, OR you declined her offers to split the bill… then pay it. If this isn’t how things will always be, then discuss. At a later time.

6) Walk her to her car, if applicable.

This concludes today’s installment. These are just a few things that show that a man is thoughtful and courteous. You may be thoughtful, but if you don’t show it, she’ll never know it.

Dear readers, what other advice would you add?

Wishing you love,

~ Lily



9 Comments on “Dating Advice for Guys, Part 2 …”

  1. DM says:

    I know you asked your fellow women readers 😉 but I also equate, being a good listener, showing a genuine interest and not just talking about yourself as ways of showing respect.

    • lily says:

      I will amend my post to include you. Thank you, DM!
      If I get enough such wise and pertinent responses, I’ll make a new post of Reader Advice.
      I am making lemonade, and sharing it : ) Thanks for helping!

      ~ Lily

  2. beachmama777 says:

    More: Don’t talk about your ex-wife/ex-girlfriend in detail or rag about how you were ripped off by your ex during the divorce.
    Don’t spin your head around to stare when a sexy woman walks by.
    Don’t tell her you’ll call–if you know you won’t.
    Don’t answer your phone–unless your mother is in the hospital and critically ill! Put the phone on vibrate.
    DM got the biggest one, though: Ask the woman about herself! I can’t tell you how many dates I’ve had where the guy only asks me what I do/did for a living after the date is 3/4 over.

    • lily says:

      Excellent! We are good at this, aren’t we!

      I feel a “Dating Advice Part 3” post in the making : )

      Hope your weekend is happy!

      ~ Lily

  3. free penny press says:

    My advice (this goes for men & women)
    -look your date in the eye when talking. It shows you care enough to listen and connect
    -neither one should dominate the conversation. No one wants to sit and listen to your life story going back to 2nd grade. Brief recaps are all that’s needed.
    I’m sure I can name a bunch more but you get the picture…

    • lily says:

      Thanks, Lynne! Being thoughtful averts a lot missteps, doesn’t it? Sometimes shy people need a reminder to look others in the eye. I’m sure others can use that reminder, too!
      I never minded listening to, or even encouraging, monologues–my mistake–because it prevented me from having to tell my own (weird) story : ) This is probably one of the reasons I ended up with self-centered guys. Live and learn. Love how you tell your story(s), Lynne. That takes strength, but maybe will help in getting to the right place, the people who truly understand and love…
      I am taking notes : )

      Peace and happiness,
      ~ Lily

  4. How about: Gentlemen should treat every woman as if she may be the last woman on Earth!

    • lily says:

      : ) If only!
      I shall add this to our List of Dreams, though!

      ~ Lily

      • Thanks so, Lily! I have always worked with many men (most times, I was the only woman on a crew), and been the supervisor of many men (artists, carpenters, etc)…and how found a huge amount of gentlemen out there…but, as in every bushel of apples or potatoes, there are always a few ‘rotters’!

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