Halloween at age seven…



I remember

the dampness under the plastic mask,

and the grey elastic

string that caught my hair,

the diagonal crossings of lawns

not usually trod upon in my well-mannered


waiting for friends in their long skirts

and uncontrolled laughter

to catch up,

the rumbling sound of candy-filled paper bags

bumping against our sides as we scamper,

the smell of hot cider with cinnamon

when we get home

and hurry to sit at the kitchen table to sort our candy

into huge aluminum bowls,

make sure there are no razor blades in apples

or opened wrappers,

trading juice-filled wax bottles

for bubble gum

and savoring the annual caramel popcorn balls

from our neighbor

who had small circular oil spots on her ceiling

where the popcorn popped

once or twice

or so she said

when we visited and stood gazing,

hoping for a Mary Jane or a chocolate-chip cookie

and noticing how her cat-eye glasses

and bright coral lipstick

would be perfect for Halloween,

next year,

without a mask.



4 Comments on “Halloween at age seven…”

  1. janinevasta says:

    I feel like I’ve eaten a sack of gloriously sticky treats Lily!!! What a memory and an eye for detail, even at seven. Or did we all have that and it’s a question of being able to conjure the magic over and over again. That gift I might just share with you dear friend. x

    • lily says:

      Thank you for re-living the memories with me, Janine. You, my friend, are always conjuring up beautiful images and memories. You know about magic and wonder. You’re right, we do share that! : )
      ~ Lily

  2. No more masks! A wonderful work of your words and memories, Lily, which sparked some of my own. I used to love those juice-filled wax bottles, even savoring the wax until it became flavorless! Thanks so for that!

  3. lily says:

    I would have given you my wax bottles, or traded you for bubble gum. I only kept the wax lips, for some reason, but the bottles were good for bartering as my brother loved them. They were only around when I was very little though, and then… Skittles and Snickers. Enjoy your memories as well as the rest of what has been a glorious autumn, until The Storm, anyway : )
    Stay warm and safe,
    ~ Lily

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