Weather the storm…



We’re having a storm,

Wind and water


Loud, dark,

I hope the windows


I hope the power

stays on

but I

and hundreds of thousands

of others all on the same day

stocked up on water

and I have apples and almonds


and lots of books to read

by candlelight,

many blankets,

and friends, kind friends,

who say

come on over

if you need

but what I need

is not to weather

Life’s storms


they come so

frequently these days.

Relax, breathe,

with wind whipping

lights flickering…

weather the storm,

weather the storm.



May you and your loved ones be safe, wherever you and they are.  ~ Lily

9 Comments on “Weather the storm…”

  1. beachmama777 says:

    Dearest Lily–I wish you safety in the storms, both those outside your windows and those within your heart. You are such a loving, caring person. I sense it in your poems and in your comments offering strength and support to me. You know that you can only see the good in others if it also resides in you. It’s no wonder you offer such words of goodness to me just when I need it the most.
    Be well..and please check in with us. I’m on the other Coast and only have to weather the storms INSIDE my life. I wish you strength and support, dear & good friend!

    • lily says:

      This made me teary. You are so sweet and kind (in addition to strong and funny and all those other good things : )
      Thank you!
      I wish you were on a closer coast; we could commiserate over tea and beach walks : )
      The worst thing about today is that I’ve accomplished virtually nothing other than returning library books and checking up on some friends. I am anxious… I’ve weathered so many (weather) storms with my children, being the strong and watchful one, and here I am without them, without having to worry about them, and it feels so strange, so empty. But–I am glad that they are safe!
      While waiting out the storm, I will wish and pray for the next phases of our lives to be happy and loving.
      Peace and continued strength,

      With gratitude,

      ~ Lily

  2. You really touched my heart. I am so happy you shared your winds. Be safe. hugs, Barbara

  3. lily says:

    Barbara! Thank you so much! I am glad to hear from you and hope you are well.
    You stay safe, and happy, too!

    Peace and hugs,
    ~ Lily

  4. janinevasta says:

    I’m keeping you in my thoughts especially today dear Lily. Safe passage my friend. I hear you and I wish I was as brave as you. With love,

  5. free penny press says:

    Lily, we have to weather the storm so when it passes and we go outside, we see the bright, blue sky overhead.

    Sending good vibes north to you!!

  6. You sound quite prepared here, Lily, to weather ANY storm…stay safe!

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