Seek and Set Free: a post-divorce poem.



Seek and Set Free


I search for it,

sideways glances

scan the shelves

and again

just this side of frantic

I find my old friend:

The Heart is a Lonely Hunter,

even the title is a companion

when longing stretches

and need echoes

everywhere within.

Hold close

the familiar,

the empathy,

pathos worse

than mine will ever be.

The pace of life






doesn’t always work

so I set it free:

my soul

in its


lonely misery.



This happened yesterday, true story. True poem. Today I came to my little WordPress place to put it down “on paper” and while easing back into things, as it has been awhile, I read posts of some friends and acquaintances here. Oddly, one mentioned this same book, the same one I held like a little security blanket yesterday. So, I know I am not alone in being drawn to it in times of trouble (cue Simon and Garfunkel, there). And that’s the moral of the story-poem: we are, no matter how forlorn, never really alone. Books on a shelf, on a wing and a prayer, the warm writing of friends… what do you do when your little world feels crumbly and your hope feels at wit’s end?

~ Lily


12 Comments on “Seek and Set Free: a post-divorce poem.”

  1. beachmama777 says:

    Just like you said, we are never really alone. What a sad poem, though.

    • lily says:

      Poetry is a way that I vent, really get my feelings out. I usually feel much better after writing a sad poem. It means I am no longer holding the sadness so close, as if it is no longer just mine. Writing doesn’t get rid of loneliness, unfortunately, but I have to think that since we were made to love, someday we will love again.
      I am a bit of a dreamer, but why not have sweet dreams? : )
      ~ Lily

  2. DM says:

    “when your little world feels crumbly and your hope feels at wit’s end”…Hummm…I hate that feeling. it tends to sneak up on me in late winter when I’ve not been working and inside too much. It is not a place I like to be AT ALL. I tend to blog in answer to your question @ the end..

    • lily says:

      Yes, writing helps, and so does any sort of human interaction.
      Hope all your fall harvesting and getting-ready-for-winter is going well, DM. It must feel good to have your construction project done before the snow flies.

      ~ Lily

  3. free penny press says:

    Reading and writing have been very cathartic for me when I feel off balance..
    That is a great book 🙂

  4. It’s really wonderful, Lily, how you can put such universal feelings into your fine works of words…so much so, that I read, then say to myself…”I’ve been there, and so glad I am here, instead!”

    • lily says:

      Thank you… most especially for the empathy, though I am glad that you are past this same spot. I would not wish my present quandaries upon anyone, especially dear you : )

      Happy weekend, full of Fall light and colour!

      ~ Lily

      • Keep going, Lily…it’s a long, hard road…yet I feel you are much more than half way to full healing! Be well this weekend…and forever, please?

        • lily says:

          Keep on… yes, it is the only way : )
          You know, I am not sure about healing, or maybe we just get used to carrying whatever it is we carry. But in any case, suitcase or satchel, I’m getting somewhere. Thank you so much for your caring!
          Stay warm and happy no matter the weather,
          ~ Lily

          • I think your ‘satchel’ is shrinking…more like a ‘clutch purse’ these days! I may complain if it gets too cold and icy, but I do love the changes, Lily…the seasons energize me. Since my PE back in May, I’ve made an awful lot of progress, cherishing each new day as it comes…and goes! Lovelier days for you, too!

  5. irfriske says:

    We attract the perfect mirror results of where we are, where we think we were still and the possiblities to the future we are walking, slowly, carefully, decidely toward!

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