Fragility… a little poem of priorities.





Before you

pour yourself a drink

drown in the pages of

your kindled book

shop for the perfect

shade of red


for the season,

crash on the couch to

be talked at by the TV–


hit pause.


Carve a few moments

from this busy day,

call your parent

your friend

your child

and say dearheart

my embellishings



can wait,

my closets are full anyhow

I am trying to leave

work at the office,

television is trance


I just wanted to say

I’m thinking of you

I love you

how is your day?



16 Comments on “Fragility… a little poem of priorities.”

  1. Nice, Lily, it’s not just the words but how true they are. Tom

  2. irfriske says:

    My world is awesome having poems like this to read and muse over!!

    • lily says:

      Aw, what an awesome comment! Thank you, Cat. Yes, I can imagine that your poetic self does muse over poetry now and then. I’ll have to write well, for you : )

      ~ Lily

  3. This poem made me smile 🙂 Can you see it?

    • lily says:

      : ) Thank you, Maggie! I so enjoy your writings and my vicarious travels while visiting you at your blog that it makes me happy to ever-so-slightly reciprocate, now and then.
      Have a wonderful week in your beautiful part of the world,
      ~ Lily

  4. Loved this, Lily. Such a beautiful encouragement and way to fill the day with happiness for others which always come back to bless you. You are a blessing.

    • lily says:

      Thank you for your sweetness, Joy. It is a blessing, always, to see you here and to read your cheering words.
      Peace and happiness to you!
      ~ Lily

  5. An extremely truthful work of words here, Lily, which demonstrates the reality that communication is what should matter most in our lives. It prevents the loneliness from overtaking our thoughts. Wonderfully written…seems you’ve taken a ‘giant step’ onto dealing with the past!

  6. I really like this, Lily. I know I often get wrapped up in the “stuff” going on…but the connection of how is your day, is a pause so essential to my happiness every day. Thank you for the reminder. How is your day? Blessings, Erin

  7. lily says:

    My day was peaceful. The best parts were the end-of-day phone conversations with my family. Thank you for asking : ) and how was your day, Erin? I hope you walk with happiness every day, and love the loved ones in your midst; little ones grow up sooo fast it is uncanny, and you don’t fully grasp it until they are off on there own in what seems like the blink of an eye…

    ~ Lily

  8. janinevasta says:

    You’ve got it, sweetness. I love this and I try and live this way. But we can all try harder. Thank you for inspiring me this evening. x

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