Untethered: them, then, and now… a poem of loneliness.



I finally understand

why they left, and how

it feels to become untethered,


from life

from love.

Every one, all

off on their own

and you

left alone

where alone digs a hole

deeper and deeper

until hollowness resounds

and pain echoes

echoes in

that cavern

when all you want

is another

all you want

is to love and be loved

but it’s

a retreating


You reach, you hope, you

can almost taste

but there is no one there

to take your hand or meet your lips

and you realize though you are happy

in your solitary times

happy cannot be its own champion.

This hollow

is temporary,

you know

as they did not

as they could not


this feeling of



but you find

it is a gift

of understanding

of light

of empathy

as long as it remembers

to go away.



We’ve all felt this, or most of us: loneliness, lonely times, alone in between relationships and sometimes even in the midst of them. What did you do, how did you cope?  I put one foot in front of the other. That is the way I know. I know to look forward and proceed with the journey…

~ Lily

30 Comments on “Untethered: them, then, and now… a poem of loneliness.”

  1. Hey Lily, that one foot in front of the other thing has always worked pretty well for me. Hope you are having a great weekend. Susie and the menagerie all say Hi.

    Be encouraged!

  2. lily says:

    It’s really the only viable option, at times : )
    Thank you, Stephen. Greetings back to your lovely wife, and all those critters too.

    ~ Lily

  3. I think that’s one of your best and saddest poems ever… Maybe its because, we have ALL felt loneliness at one time or another in our lives. Like you say, all we can do is keep trying… one day at a time.
    Love will find you Lily!

  4. That’s a mighty fine statement re: loneliness, Lily! My own mantra: “Little by little, bit by bit….”–you can follow that with whatever positive thoughts you may have! Hope Sunday is a joyous one for you!

    • lily says:

      Well it is a meandering statement… but such is the path of life! Makes me happy to see the beauty along the path of your life, in your photographs.

      Thank you, and and wishing you peace and continued beautifull days.
      ~ Lily

  5. janinevasta says:

    I so love this poem Lily. Maybe because it is so raw and sad and real. I feel what you feel. Your loneliness of course but also your irrepressible hope – and a determination that just seems to be getting bigger and brighter. Jx

    • lily says:

      What is life without hope? Gotta have that, as we know, Janine : ) Fortunately I was born with a good reserve of hope and was taught to look on the bright side and to just keep on keeping on. Works, most times!
      I hope all is well with you, and Umbria.

      ~ Lily

      • janinevasta says:

        As I embark on yet another scheme to find meaning and get me closer to Italy, hope is at the tip top of my agenda too dear Lily! But we also know how to call a spade a spade you and me. And that’s important too. Umbria is well, thanks 😉 And your week? I wish you a happy one with all my heart.

        • lily says:

          Ah, hope and realism, good plan. : )
          I had a very happy start to my week. Out of the blue two friends called to get together and so it was a very busy but enjoyable late afternoon and evening. Thank you for caring, Janine. You know I am going to visit you in Italy some day… : )
          ~ Lily

  6. David says:

    yes..as long as it remembers to go away….brilliant ending

  7. Oh Lily, this poem was so sad and yet I feel your hope that the loneliness will go away and the best is yet to be. Looking forward to that day with you. Blessings to you, sweet Lily.

    • lily says:

      Sorry for the sadness, but the contrast elevates the joy, when joy does visit : )

      Thank you kindly for the blessings, and likewise to you, Joy.

      Have a beautiful and peaceful week!
      ~ Lily

  8. free penny press says:

    Lily.. I know loneliness on a first name basis.. Many years in fact we were acquainted.. the I re-introduced myself to myself.. head up sister, eyes forward…:-)

    • lily says:

      : ) I know. Thank you, Lynne.
      Here is where I vent, so that when I greet people with smiles, those smiles are genuine and happiness has already displaced the fearful fretting lonely times.
      I’m sorry for your long years of acquaintance with loneliness. You’re right–You are most certainly better company!

      ~ Lily

  9. DM says:

    loneliness has been one of those issues in life that has really intrigued and spooked me over the years…I am such a people person, that while I love my space and quiet time, I’m afraid of how I might handle myself if suddenly Mrs DM passed away…in the short term I would be fine (1 or 2 weeks) but long term..hummm..I have no clue…. Couple of years ago, I asked several people to share their thoughts/ experiences on the topic. Let me know if you’d like to read it…it was a collection of their thoughts. It’s buried in the archives of my blog somewhere… if you don’t mind, I would like to include this poem in that original post..but won’t unless you give me the green light 😉 your fellow blogger and friend DM

  10. lily says:

    Yes, I am a people person too. Though I need my solitude sometimes, maybe even oftentimes, I think I more need to be nurturing and loving. It’s intrinsic.
    Sure, I would love to read your Loneliness post, DM. Thank you so much. Feel free to add this, if it adds anything : ) (And do take your time finding it; you must be knee-deep in apples and other harvests right now.)
    Thank you for stopping by, my friend. The light in your apple photos is exquisite. I think you borrowed it from the Renaissance. Added to your many talents, you can therefore be a Renaissance man, if you wish.
    ~ Lily

      • lily says:

        Thank you so much, DM! So thoughtful of you to find that post. It’s beautiful. No wonder my little poem reminded you of it: subject matter of course, but even some of the same imagery, such as “caverns” and “echoes”. Also, I do often feel that I am being prepared for something, maybe even just prepared to appreciate. Or, maybe this is “downtime” before something momentous–who knows? The Lord works in mysterious ways : )

        Here is something a little odd: on the day I posted this, I had spoken to my sister and said that I felt like Charlotte, in Charlotte’s Web. I know in your post you felt like Wilber, but hey, same book. Haven’t read Charlotte’s Web in many moons. Hmmm, there’s an idea…

        Happy harvest, happy building, happy October–and I think you should have some good karma (or similar) coming your way : )

        ~ Lily

  11. magnumlady says:

    A wonderful poem Lily, very sad too though 😦

  12. lily says:

    Thank you, yes a bit sad but the ending is not as sad, the gift of empathy part : )
    Sad times help to appreciate the better times and revel in joy when we have it, do you think?

    Have a happy week, over at your Award Winning blog! : )

    ~ Lily

  13. Yes, “as long as it remembers to go away.” And that is the hope, that lies deep, underneath the loneliness, but is so very difficult to trust in and to tap into. I’ve been where you are describing, and it is a rough road….but, one day, it will find its way to move away. I send you love and prayers my friend, Blessings, Erin

  14. lily says:

    Thank you for the prayers, love, and empathy, Erin. How thoughtful and sweet you are. It is all much appreciated. If ever again you are blue, you can find me here, and with my empathy ready at all times ! : )

    ~ Lily

  15. irfriske says:

    I kept emptying out all the stuff from others wants and wishes for me…to find myself! Pure, strong, wonderful and loveable…for me and by me…I wish you… You!

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