Fall collage…



I’ll take these gifts:

bits of coloured glass

from the sea

blue green and amber

nestled in bisque pottery

shaped fine

and lovingly,

a chestnut

found upon the path

its prickly case


sponge protection

enveloping it like an egg

in a middle-school science experiment,

a glossy auburn treasure





beside a laced leaf

upon my window sill

and the ginkgo

with its perfect pleats

fanned next to a simple note

written by a child

my child

my memories

arranged with

bits of nature

like a collage of beauty

taped over the holes

of my soul.




15 Comments on “Fall collage…”

  1. andy1076 says:

    ah.. fall! its already huh? beautiful ๐Ÿ™‚

  2. free penny press says:

    Fall is my favorite season..I miss the changing-colored leaves, crispy air and sweaters .. Beauiful poem and love the picture as well.
    Happy Fall, Lily!!

  3. lily says:

    Thank you, Lynne! I love Fall, too, and would miss its chill and changes if I didn’t have them.
    Every place has its own sweetness, it’s just a matter of embracing it…
    ~ Lily

  4. Marvelous work of words/memories, Lily…and the image is just perfect!

  5. lily says:

    Thank you kindly! I am so far from perfect that it thrills me to get an image close once in a while. : )

    ~ Lily

  6. janinevasta says:

    Nature made even more perfect, Lily. So sweet. This piece evokes a strange melancholy for my school days…. Nature walks and wonder and big big plans. xx

  7. lily says:

    Autumn is a most nostalgic month, so an autumn poem does strike its melancholy chords, as you note. School days, summer days… suddenly they are so far away!
    Wishing you peace and happiness in all of your days, Janine.

    ~ Lily

  8. lily says:

    Thank you Maggie, though Perfect… is a stretch. A nice one, though! : )
    ~ Lily

    • lily says:

      Thank you! : ) I hope that you and “your band” are having a lovely weekend. How wonderful to have something to cheer you and to cheer for, for 30 years! Love that!

      ~ Lily

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