Carving: a poem of life and death.



The bark of a tree

textured rough, linear grooves


against my skin


down to the

tender new wood

is how I feel


when I think of your death.

So young so


so alone you must have been

and where was I

why was I

oblivious to your good-bye?

As if like any other

as if I would see you again


your hand

you put your hand

to my baby soon to be born

but not in time

to know


and what I remember

and what I hold


is what a joy

you were

to me.




2 Comments on “Carving: a poem of life and death.”

  1. Sad, yet full of promise, Lily…perhaps, as her spirit wafts through these lovely, sun-dappled trees, she is recalling the memory of time with you?

  2. janinevasta says:

    My eyes are burning. A lost sister. I know the feeling. It never goes away. I have no ‘wisdom’ to impart dear Lily. Only my love. x

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