What’s it like to be alone on Friday night?



Friday Night…


The rain of Fall is drizzling down

a sullen glaze upon the ground

I walk and brisk beneath umbrella

with purpose though with daylight


I avoid events in dark


only to my social self,

craving the music and celebration,

meeting people, scant libation

though all the summer clothes

upon my bed

will doubtless be sorted

and stored instead,

so next time you go night-tripping,

bring me–

so I may instead write

the poetry of

a cheery night.


Hi everyone. I hope you’ve had a happy week. Lo and behold, and oh so quickly, Friday night has come. I have turned down dates, like a fool, most likely, but I don’t feel like going out with guys just to have someone to go out with if I really can’t see myself with that someone. Does that make sense? I’m choosing to be alone, I suppose. Usually I don’t mind. I have all sorts of plans for the rest of the weekend, by myself and with friends. There is just something about Friday night… it’s traditional date night, even for my married friends, unless they are going to the kids’ football or soccer games, or having a family pizza and movie night…

So yes, I’m sorting summer clothes and getting out fall and winter sweaters and trench coats. (Isn’t That exciting!?) And then, I’ll cozy up with a good book. Yes, I do acknowledge I’d much rather be cozying up with a good man.

All good things in time!

So are you alone tonight? By choice? Or by … unfortunate circumstances? Either way, how’s it feel and what are you doing?

Have a good weekend–there is still a lot of weekend left after Friday night!

~ Lily



22 Comments on “What’s it like to be alone on Friday night?”

  1. pinkagendist says:

    time alone can be great 😉 enjoy!

    • lily says:

      Why thank you, P.A.
      ‘Tis true what you say, at least in theory! : )
      Have a fine and elegant weekend in your fine and elegant abode, with maybe a little recitation of Shakespeare, for good measure…

      ~ Lily

  2. andy1076 says:

    Same here, Been alone for a very long time on Friday’s and usually spend it just writing. Peaceful and simple you know?

  3. lily says:

    Well certainly peaceful : )
    Thanks for stopping in, Andy. I hope all is well with you. And hey, if we’re here we’re not exactly alone anyway, are we?
    ~ Lily

  4. Tonight (or at least part of it) will be spent in the warm embrace of the Menagerie, all of whom send their hellos.

    Be encouraged!

  5. free penny press says:

    Well I am usually alone every Friday as I am tired after a long week, I have chosen NOT to date anyone until I get to NOLA (Soon Lily :-).. it’s really good to be alone and not place expectations on yourself. I enjoy my “me” time …Give yourself time to grow Lily..trust me on this 🙂

    • lily says:

      Your plan sounds wise, to get to NOLA and then find the love of your life– over creole shrimp and jazz, or Mardi Gras. Or at a NOLA poetry jam. : )

      You know, I think it would be easier for me if I hadn’t spent decades alone prior to my divorce. Time marches on and I don’t want to be lost in the dust when I have so much living yet to do! Patience is perhaps not my strength, but then again I had been patient lo those many years.

      I am enjoying my sorting of summer clothes, in a it-feels-good-to-get-things-done kind of way. You won’t have much weather-related sorting to do in New Orleans. You’ll be fancy-free and happy : )

      Thanks for stopping in and for your kind sage words, Lynne! Enjoy your weekend. ~ Lily

  6. daithi says:

    I’m alone tonight- and not by choice. I’m feeling pretty ugly tonight- I haven’t turned down any dates in the past few months.Maybe if I wear a bag over my head…

    • lily says:

      Daithi, are you unwinding after a busy week of teaching? Making chicken soup for your soul, or something like that? Listening to Celtic music?
      I hate turning down dates. It feels crummy. So you have been spared that, at least. You’re a guy, you probably do more of the Asking for dates–so maybe you need to do more asking. Beyond that, I don’t know where to find the lovely caring women in your part of the world so I leave that to you… for next weekend : )
      ~ Lily
      p.s. Aren’t there any lovely single female teachers?

  7. DM says:

    Hi Lilly, just came in for the night (it is almost 8 PM as I write this) I won’t be alone tonight..although Mrs DM is upstairs watching Phantom of the Opera w/ daughter # 3 I suspect at this moment. a couple of days alone time is refreshing for me..but after that I start feeling it. it really sounds like a catch 22 when you’re not wanting to be alone, but neither do you want to spend a date w/ someone you can’t see yourself being w/ long term…it would start to drive me bonkers I think…

    • lily says:

      Exactly right. Hopefully this is a short-term situation so that “bonkers” can’t fully take hold, in place of my usual quirky weirdnesses. : )
      Enjoy your family and your weekend, DM! I hope all the harvests are going well, and the farm market tomorrow if it is still happening. Fall comes so quickly!
      Thank you DM,
      ~ Lily

  8. janinevasta says:

    Oh Lily. I might ask what it might be like to go out on a Friday night!!! And you know I’m not fishing for sympathy here 😉 But it makes me even more impressed by your wonderful open heart and optimism. You will find what you’re looking for I know. I am proud of you my dear friend. Have a beautiful rest of the weekend! x

    • lily says:

      Do you think it is true that “Good things come to those who wait,”Janine? : )
      Only, I feel one should be somewhat proactive… or else how will anyone know one is waiting?
      I think it is just best to live. Those with children still at home are accompanied and occupied with important charges. Those of us who do not have the darlings still underfoot feel at times as we did when those little ones first scampered off to school: as if an arm is missing. Indeed, dear children are the best of company in many ways. They are endlessly fascinating and often in need of something– even if food or a ride somewhere, so one is fascinated and feels useful! Pity that children grow up and move away : ) I really miss them. (Can you tell??!!) Savor your moments.
      Wishing you happiness!
      ~ Lily

  9. I spent Friday night with two daughters, cheese and crackers, a bottle of red and a chick flick. Is there any better way?
    We don’t always need a man to have a good time…
    You sound good Lily.

  10. lily says:

    Thank you, Maggie. Yours was one of the best of gatherings, I agree Maggie! I hope all of your time with your daughters is splendid!

    Wishing you more joyful times,
    ~ Lily

  11. Love this fine work of words, Lily…and I was alone by choice last evening, regaling in the fact that I cleaned and sorted TWO closets and got rid of some of my ‘life clutter’! It was better than any date, as I did not have to dress up and make polite chatter with anyone.

    Your image today is so very fabulous, the colors so inspiring…KEEP GOING!

  12. irfriske says:

    Alone by choice, and much like you am sorting through old things. Keeping what works and changing it to fit my present circumstances…all the other thoughts I turn loose to the Universe to allow the new in!

    • lily says:

      Yet more sorting! I do not feel alone, with all my fellow sorters… of belongings, and Life.

      What a wonderful thought: “Keeping what works and changing it to fit my present circumstances…all the other thoughts I turn loose to the Universe to allow the new in!”
      I love that.

      ~ Lily

  13. beachmama777 says:

    Just curious: What is NOLA? And does it solve all our dating and our divorcing issues?? 🙂
    BTW, I have a much worse time on Sundays. That’s when the loneliness seems to set in. I’ve gone on a few dates since ending the marriage, but each one has been a bust. For those interested in hearing more, pls check out my blog!
    I’d rather be alone in my own company than feel alone when I’m with someone who’s not a good fit to me. That is the truest definition of loneliness.
    I hope you’re having a much better week.

    • lily says:

      Marilyn, NOLA is New Orleans, and while I certainly hope that Lynne of free penny press finds all good and wonderful things there, as she so deserves, I hope that dating and divorce issues can be solved/salved anyplace… including your place, and mine. : )

      I totally agree with you and have written here (probably more than once): “I would much rather be alone by myself than alone with someone.” That loneliness is the worst. We are definitely on the same page there. I hope that your most recent possible travel companion works out so that you can look forward to a journey.

      Thank you for the wishes, and I hope that your week is a happy one, and with some good company, too!

      ~ Lily

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