First Aid for the Heart…


First Aid for the Heart…


If you say good-bye

you must also say hello

to all that rushes in

for that which had to go.


And if you have some strength

left in your weary core,

you may not be left with empty,

you might instead find More.


When you assuage the pain

and dab those teary eyes,

the unclear visions dissipate

so possibilities realize.


You cannot see the person,

you cannot see the way,

you only have your footsteps

every single day.


Traveling on a narrow path

that integrity puts you on,

seems at first limiting

yet it keeps you strong.


When you look into the mirror,

make sure that who you see

is someone kind and compassionate,

loving and giving

and free,

of all that kept you down so long

of all that tried to change you,

of all that could not appreciate

and meant to rearrange you.


I am here to tell you,

with my makeshift First-Aid kit,

that all the care you give away

is roughly what you’ll get,


And though there is no bandage

made for a broken heart,

your strength, perseverance, and courage

are at least a start.


Though it may not seem

that any further day

could ever come into your life

to take your pain away,


You’ve only to look into my eyes

and see that you were wrong:

Tomorrow belongs to those with Hope

for that is what keeps us strong.




13 Comments on “First Aid for the Heart…”

  1. “Tomorrow belongs to those with Hope,” oh Lily this was a beautiful poem and so true.
    Blessings and hugs to you my friend.

  2. beachmama777 says:

    I am not usually a poetry lover, but I loved this poem. It is such an inspiring and loving and, yes,hopeful message. I hope I can remember it when life is getting me down.

  3. Love both your work of words and the gorgeous image, Lily…you are really doing some great things (for yourself AND us) of late!

  4. janinevasta says:

    You’re gorgeously amazing spirit blazes here Lily. Like a flame that just gets brighter. With love, Janine

    • lily says:

      Janine, thank you. I do feel well, though I continue to be a work in progress. Hopefully there are many days ahead…!
      Wishing you…Love, of course : )

      ~ Lily

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