Books, and turning the page…



Dear Friends and Readers,

I wanted to let you know that I am taking a break from writing here while traveling and working on my book.  I’ll try to read your writing and peruse your wordpress places now and then. You are always welcome to come here and read poems and stories from the past; there certainly are a lot of those here.

If anything important comes up, I hope you’ll email me. My email address is on the About page.

Good luck with all of your projects, moves, loves, and lives.

Don’t forget to see the beauty in each day!


~ Lily




14 Comments on “Books, and turning the page…”

  1. boomiebol says:

    All the best on your travel and the book.

  2. Erin, Bella Bleue says:

    How exciting! Blessings all around you! Looking forward to your book 🙂 Blessings, Erin

  3. janinevasta says:

    I’m here if you need me Lily. I hope your travels and time for your writing bring you joy and new beginnings. Most especially peace, and love too, if and when…. Your friend, Janine x

  4. I wish you safe travels and much success in your writing.
    You will be missed, Lily…

  5. StillValerie says:


    Best wishes for safe and fun travels and good luck with your book.


  6. free penny press says:

    All the best in every venture you tackle. Remember all I have said to you as well, head up & eyes forward. I posted a poem today 🙂

    we shall be here if/when you return.


  7. Take care, Lily, I’ll miss you, Tom

  8. Absolutely lovely images, Lily…and my best to you as you take a break to do some good, positive things for yourself (not that this wonderful blog isn’t good and positive!)!

  9. pencil pilot says:

    Beautiful, beautiful pictures, Lily. I so appreciate your encouragement on my blog. I wish you a wonderful, fulfilling, relaxing break with safe travels and awesome inspiration around every bend. I’ll visit your archives, in the meantime, and look forward to news of your book and your return to blogsphere~ emma

  10. Best of luck Lily! Can’t wait to read the book. I will certainly miss seeing your posts.
    Lot’s of love and inspiration ❤

  11. tashal78 says:

    Best of luck! Thank you for the encouragement over the last few months….through your posts and comments on mine. Can’t wait to hear more on the book. God Bless.

  12. irfriske says:

    I am so very glad to here you are doing things for you, have a great trip and enjoy yourself with your travels and your writings!

  13. Victoria says:

    Best wishes for a joyful journey!

  14. Such beautiful photographs. I just wanted you to know that I nominated you for the One Lovely Blog award. You can read about it on my post, “Unexpected Blessings” at Blessings to you.

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