She used to dash out

without makeup

on perfect peaches-and-cream


She used to walk

with head held high,

without a worry,

cares comfortably left

in their places.

She used to have style

that others emulated

and get job offers

just walking into places.

She used to believe

all things were possible.

And then.

And then

she thought

some of that

might still be

inside herself.

Now she knows better.

Now she

is certain

it is.




16 Comments on “Reclamation…”

  1. Love love love! I needed to read this today so thank you!!

  2. That was a very strong and powerful poem…kudos!

  3. irfriske says:

    Congratulations for find all the wonderousness of you!

  4. jazfagan says:

    Love it Lily, I very rarely walk out of the house without makeup anymore, remember the day when we could do that?

    • lily says:

      I know. It used to be so easy to leave the house! These days I need to slather sunscreen and a little colour is advisable, at the very least : ) But looking on the bright side, you have such beautiful facial features– only makes sense to emphasize them! ~ Lily

  5. Wonderful word work, Lily…and a very stunning image!!!

    The only time I leave the house w/o make-up is when the fire alarm goes off in the night!

  6. lily says:

    Thank you, I’m glad that you like the photo and poem. I am somehow able to photograph flowers; I guess they hold still enough for me!

    I hope that my fire alarm doesn’t go off at night!

    ~ Lily

  7. free penny press says:

    Beautifully expressed Lily and we ( as people) need to remember our true selves live within, not on the exterior..
    Such an empowering & a lovely read!!!

  8. lily says:

    Thank you, and true about our true selves. I do wish that my older and wiser self could look like my younger self did; I would now be wise enough to appreciate it : )
    Take care, Lynne!

    ~ Lily

  9. janinevasta says:

    Two words: o yes! You’re making me so proud Lily!!!! A huge hug…Jxx

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