Kind sir or madam…




Kind sir or madam…


When I gaze upon the stars

I conjure impossibilities

that used to seem

within reach.

I wonder

what happened to courtesy,

gallantry, gratitude,




Am I the only one who

sees the world as

slightly amiss

and remembers fondly

days of

more mannered bliss?


grace and gentleness,

elegance and



Or simply


in a world that techs and tweets,

hurries and is distracted by



craving immediacy,

no longer patient with virtues?


materialism builds


in the way of





14 Comments on “Kind sir or madam…”

  1. Great post ~ being kind and polite should never be anything that goes out of style.

  2. Materialism does build walls in the way of people. ‘Tis a shame indeed.

  3. It’s all so very true, dear Lily…sometimes I wonder if we are DE-volving back into some sort of strange animals.

    Love the stunning image!!!

    P.S.: You seem to ‘heal’ more with each post. Much love being sent your way!

  4. lily says:

    Thank you for the empathy, compliment, and love. I’m glad that you like the flowers; praise from the experts always feels good!
    Keep cool and beautiful this weekend!
    ~ Lily

  5. You’ve outdone yourself… Beautiful!

  6. irfriske says:

    And your words bring wonderous thoughts of realizations of things once remembered, longed for and then found in sharing with others!
    Thank you!

    • lily says:

      What a thoughtful comment, Cat. I am always happy to share my thoughts and memories with you!
      I hope you get to relax a bit this weekend. Stay cool!

      ~ Lily

  7. free penny press says:

    Somewhere along the way of busy lives, cell phones, internet, etc humanity has gotten hardened. What a sad & troubling reality..
    I choose to remain polite & courteous, who knows maybe we can start a trend!

  8. janinevasta says:

    One close to my heart dear Lily. and yours too I know. Good manners and gentile ways are their own reward. Well, that’s what I tell myself while I’m waiting for the tide to turn!!! 😉 Jx

    • lily says:

      I suppose such things have to be their own reward because we certainly can’t hold our breath forever. I hope you are well and happy, Janine, though apart from some things close to your heart.
      ~ Lily

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