Breathe in some beauty as you go through your day.

We all need a little rest now and then: a break from routine, from work, from calamities, from demands, from issues, from life’s little dilemmas and disconcerting moments, and last but not least from inconsiderate and careless sorts of people.

So just breathe and slow down a minute. Look deep into the center of a flower or up into the sky at the blue or the greys, or the clouds moving by.

Look up into the serene coolness and beauty of the tree canopy…

Wishing you calm, peace, and happiness,

~ Lily


27 Comments on “Interlude…”

  1. Oh, Lily I loved this post and needed this calm today. Thank you!

  2. StillValerie says:

    Thanks for the reminder, Lily. It was just what I needed to hear right now. BTW, do you take all the beautiful nature photos you put in your blog posts?


    • lily says:

      You have added peace to many of my days, Valerie. I am happy to return the favour.

      Yes, I take all the photos. I don’t have a very good camera but my I hope that my eye makes up for it a little.
      Blessings back,

  3. irfriske says:

    So totally perfect for today…just finished hauling hay in the heat… love the cool refreshment of this post!

  4. You are so totally right. We always need to take a break and be in the moment. Blessings, Barbara

  5. Thank you, Lily…if I did not stop, slow down, for a period each day, I would not feel alive…and as you know, a few months ago, I almost wasn’t alive. Breathing…it’s easy…and after some deep breaths and exhales, one’s mind becomes a bit clearer, don’t you think?

    • lily says:

      Some breaths do help, and some pausing, appreciation, and gratitude. Beauty helps with all of those. Thank you so much for you beautiful photos. Adding smiles and wonder to other people’s days is a fine talent to have, on top of artistry.
      ~ Lily

  6. Thank you, Lily. I find it is much easier to refocus by exploring new terrain- the woods, the wild things, and the wonder of it all. It is much easier to relax, breathe in even fresher air, and connect with who we are and who made us.

  7. Erin, Bella Bleue says:

    This is lovely, Lily! I hope you were able to enjoy the ‘canopy of the trees’ 🙂 It is so important to pause and breathe. Something I’m always working on. Thank you! Blessings, Erin

  8. Thanks Lily, this is something we all need to be reminded of…

  9. free penny press says:

    What a wonderful post to read this evening..So many times we allow life’s busy ways to have us forgetting that some simple down time, a deep breath is enough to clear our minds with fresh thoughts..
    Always so lovely to read your blog!!

  10. janinevasta says:

    I love the idea of breathing in beauty. It’s so true how beauty is like oxygen. The harder we work it seems the more we need of each. Your beautiful words fill the void so elegantly. Jx

  11. lily says:

    “Beauty is like oxygen. The harder we work… the more we need.” Yes. Well said, Janine.
    There is also a song, “Love is Like Oxygen”, so maybe love and beauty both. : )

    Wishing you Beauty and Love,

    ~ Lily

  12. geostan51 says:

    Lily, Your poetry is appropriately brief, however breath taking! The photo is also remarkable. Thank you for a quite pleasant read.

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