Books, and turning the page…



Dear Friends and Readers,

I wanted to let you know that I am taking a break from writing here while traveling and working on my book.  I’ll try to read your writing and peruse your wordpress places now and then. You are always welcome to come here and read poems and stories from the past; there certainly are a lot of those here.

If anything important comes up, I hope you’ll email me. My email address is on the About page.

Good luck with all of your projects, moves, loves, and lives.

Don’t forget to see the beauty in each day!


~ Lily








She used to dash out

without makeup

on perfect peaches-and-cream


She used to walk

with head held high,

without a worry,

cares comfortably left

in their places.

She used to have style

that others emulated

and get job offers

just walking into places.

She used to believe

all things were possible.

And then.

And then

she thought

some of that

might still be

inside herself.

Now she knows better.

Now she

is certain

it is.



Do you eat the skin of kiwi fruit?



I do.

I wash the kiwi, cut off the ends, then chop it and eat it, skin and all. In my oatmeal.

I know some of you are wrinkling your noses, either because I eat the fuzzy kiwi skin or because I would actually put kiwi in my (uncooked) oatmeal. Hey well, it’s healthy, and I like it.

What do you eat that’s a little bit off the beaten path?

Just wondering.


Have an interesting week! Be yourself!

~ Lily



Progress Report…


Progress Report…


The wood floor

cool on bare feet,

the lace curtains

lifting with the breeze,

the view of rooftops

and gardens,

looking down into

branches of trees–

I am happy here

with all of these.

A book opened in front of me,

the laughter of my parents

on the phone,

the messages from

the children I love,

and dinner with friends–

I am far from alone.

The weights I lift

are not all before me,

the stretches

are sometimes in my mind,

despite all

we are told life goes on–

and so it is,

I find.



Chance encounters…



Chance Encounters…


Driving to the store with one of my children (grown and visiting), I drove slightly out of the way so that I could point out a home with a gorgeous front garden. I had walked by the house and garden the week before while on one of my jaunts, and the owner happened to be outside working in the garden. She was very friendly and stopped to chat. She pointed out some of the more unusual plantings while I admired the beautiful blooms.

We ended up talking about gardening, travels, and home renovation for quite awhile (I wasn’t keeping track of the time). She kindly offered and enthusiastically showed me her side garden and backyard. They were lush and colourful and enveloping; I felt as though I walked amidst a tropical paradise.

When I walked back down her driveway, a man was walking up it.

“Well hello!” he said. “So we meet again!”

Then he turned to his wife and explained that while he was out walking, so was I, and we had said hello and good-day as we passed one another. The three of us talked for a few minutes more before I set off on my way with visions of gardens dancing in my head.

So, on the way to the store, I was telling about this pleasant serendipitous meeting and garden tour. As I pulled into the store parking lot, I said, “There really are a lot of nice people around here.”

We walked into the store and right in front of us was– the man from the house with the garden!

I introduced him to my flabbergasted child (Yes, we had just talked about this guy! What are the chances of this?). He was happy and surprised to meet us there, talked a bit, said to please stop over.

On our way out of the store, he spotted us and stopped to wish us a good weekend and said how nice it was to see us.

Just a minor chance encounter or two. Or three…


Don’t forget to smile as you go about your day out there in the world.  It is amazing how simple smiles and hellos can be such day brighteners.

And, you never know: one of these days we may smile at each other!

~ Lily


Be beautiful, baby…



Be beautiful, baby…


the weekend,

the sun,

the heat

is upon us

with lists of things to do

separating me from you

in distance

in words you threw

with your inside pain

turned out

sometimes silence



so startling


to sink in

to feel


sweet you were

all the days of your

young life

and now adulthood

has conferred its


I wish you peace,

I wish you

could feel

the love

I have for you

if only

the words of a mother

would do.



Kind sir or madam…




Kind sir or madam…


When I gaze upon the stars

I conjure impossibilities

that used to seem

within reach.

I wonder

what happened to courtesy,

gallantry, gratitude,




Am I the only one who

sees the world as

slightly amiss

and remembers fondly

days of

more mannered bliss?


grace and gentleness,

elegance and



Or simply


in a world that techs and tweets,

hurries and is distracted by



craving immediacy,

no longer patient with virtues?


materialism builds


in the way of