Eat like a bird…



Eat Like a Bird, but Hold the Worms, Please!


Life is crummy sometimes, yes, we know. But, there are some things in our control. One thing that has helped me to feel good is… (don’t hold your breath!)…


That is where I start my day, healthy but in an easy-going manner.

In my family, I get teased for eating “like a bird”(referring to What I eat more so than the quantity) or “like Euell Gibbons”.  I think he did a Grape-Nuts commercial years ago and is known for eating tree bark. No, not really, I don’t think, but he was an early advocate of natural foods.

Breakfast kick-starts your metabolism and I have been eating it every day since I was a kid. I look forward to it because it is the easiest of creative meals. While I do eat eggs sometimes, I more likely have them for lunch, or maybe an omelette for brunch on the weekend, or dinner if it is just for me. Oh and I do like grainy blueberry pancakes! They are a good brunch sort of thing.

This is my morning routine:

Listen to the news while waking and stretching. I like to know what is going on in the world, don’t like to miss anything. And then I let the news go for awhile, wash it away in the shower.

This is quick and easy, once it is a routine:

I always have berries on hand, either frozen or fresh. Blueberries and strawberries are two foods that are often in the top-ten fruits and veggies recommended to have organic, so I go for organic with those. I also always have plain low-fat yogurt and non-fat (or you might want low-fat) milk on hand.

Then, I have an assortment of jars of nuts and seeds and grains. Ground flax is one of my favorites of late; sprinkle a couple of tablespoons or so on top of your yogurt and washed berries. Then, depending upon what you feel like eating (here is where the creativity comes in) sprinkle in any combination of these things, or these sorts of things:

uncooked oat meal

almonds (slivered work well)

pumpkin seeds (unsalted and without the shells)

sunflower seeds (same as above!)


organic raw coconut, shredded (can be dehydrated and low fat)

sesame seeds (roasted, unsalted)

hemp seeds* 

You can put in any other berries that strike your fancy, whatever are in season in your area. Or even organic goji berries; you get those dried. And–any other fruits, nuts, or grains that you prefer.

For instance, add chopped apple or banana, grapes, raisins or a little honey if you want some sweetness.

Add milk or more yogurt or even a little water, for desired consistency.

If you have a gluten or lactose intolerance or any other dietary need, of course delete or substitute accordingly: this is so flexible.

Sprinkle some cinnamon on top; cinnamon is supposed to help control blood sugar. I know people who have diabetes in their family and their doctors have prescribed cinnamon to help stave off that disease. Not that I am a medical person or nutritionist, but I figure it can’t hurt. Tumeric is good for you too, I hear, but it is not the easiest thing to eat on grains, nuts, and berries. Still, I sometimes do.

Eat in layers or creatively mix!

There. Now you have energy for your morning.

This works well as a snack, too. You can adjust the quantities and contents any old way that your little heart desires.

If you are in an elegant mood, make your concoction in a parfait glass, layering the fruit and yogurt (and maybe a layer or two of nuts) and then top with slivered almonds or strawberries, for example.

For added loveliness or to begin your day in a rockin’ way, put on some music. It’s always relaxing and/or fun (depending upon the music) to waltz or dance around the kitchen while “cooking”. Then, listen and relax while eating.

Be creative, eat well, be healthy and happy!

~ Lily


*Thank you ever so much for the reminder, Valerie! : )



18 Comments on “Eat like a bird…”

  1. Randy Roberts says:

    I like the suggestions. Especially the food. As for current events. I guess, if you need something to talk about. I’m usually up extra early just so I can enjoy the peace and quiet.

    • lily says:

      Randy, I hesitated to put the current events in there because they can be such a downer, but that really is my routine, I really do like to know from the get-go what is (basically) going on in the world. And then, let it go.
      However, my sensitive self does have a tough time with the news. I can’t even watch it on TV these days, I can only listen or read. I have nights when I stay up late reading about what’s going on, but I am all for Peace and:

      I think I may have too much quiet. : )

      Life’s a balance, what can I say!

      Have a healthy and happy day and thanks for the chat, Randy!

      ~ Lily

  2. free penny press says:

    I need to have you cook my breakfast everyday.. I loev breakfast but don’t tend to eat as healthy as that..:-)

    • lily says:

      I am more awake for cooking dinner than breakfasts, so thankfully there is no cooking needed, even I can handle it. I have fun with it. You can sprinkle in some of your favorite cereal too–and if it’s one that’s not so healthy, gradually put in less and less.
      Yeah, you are going to get some good New Orleans’ cookin’ soon. Fresh seafood and creole? Idk, but I’ll bet it’ll be tastey!
      ~ Lily

  3. andy1076 says:

    I gotta give this a try 🙂 I’m even trying to cut coffee out completely, success though 😦

  4. lily says:

    Aren’t they saying that caffeine is good now and prevents cancer? Ugh, can’t keep up sometimes. I have never been a coffee drinker. That’s why I need a shower to wake myself up!

    Yes, try this little creative endeavor and let me know how it works out, Andy!

    ~ Lily

  5. Diabetes: Cinnamon can lower blood sugar 10-20 percent, but is generally not a good methodology for reducing blood sugar. It also contributes to heartburn for some. Chromium Picolinate, on the other hand, has shown promise, in combination with other medicinal or herbal medications. I can attest to the latter personally.

    • lily says:

      I guess that those I know who are taking prescribed cinnamon (I think in tablet form, much more than I would ever sprinkle!) must not be prone to heartburn. I don’t have a history of diabetes in my family, but I shall ask people who do if they have considered your method.
      Live and learn!
      I’m glad that you have found a good elixir so that you can continue your wanderings in good health!

      Have a happy week, tlkm!

      ~ Lily

  6. irfriske says:

    That was totally fun and informative to read… thank you so very much for including me in your morning meal!

    • lily says:

      Usually birds and cats are not the best companions for breakfasts, but in our case: you are welcome anytime, Cat!
      Happy week to you my friend,
      ~ Lily

  7. StillValerie says:

    Hi Lily:

    What a wonderful post for a Monday! A great healthy way to kick start your day and week. Have you tried hemp seeds? They’re good too – nutty flavour and avsource of protein.

    Cheers to a healthy and happy week!

  8. janinevasta says:

    I can picture you twirling around your beautiful, simply and exquisitely elegant kitchen now Lily! Especially this morning when the winter sun is finally showing its face. What a beauitiful ritual. As a creature of habit, I love all this ‘step by step’ but you add just enough variety to keep it interesting. So generous of you to share. I love this post. Jx

    • lily says:

      Thank you, Janine, though I’m sure this does not compare to breakfasts in Italy. Actually, at my little hotel in Italy I did have fruit and yogurt with cereal sprinkled on top, so maybe this little breakfast travels well!
      Dance in your elegant kitchen, Janine. Or at least in your dreams.

      ~ Lily

  9. Wow… its like we have ESP or something..??
    I have this whole morning ritual where I make my own juice. This morning I took pictures and thought I might blog about it (someday). While drinking my power juice I decided to read some posts and here I am reading about your morning ritual 🙂

  10. Stronglikemycoffee says:

    Your morning routine sounds so similar to mine! People who don’t share an appreciation for hearty oatmeal and all the natural add-ins are really missing out 🙂

    • lily says:

      Ha, I agree! That breakfast keeps me going alll morning and with lots of energy, and I never worry about my weight (looking for wood to knock on … : )
      Thank you for reading and for your thoughts!
      Have a happy and healthy week,

      ~ Lily

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