The Moon Knows.


The moon is a sturdy glow.

I am less sturdy


frailties, humanity

fit me so perfectly

and yet I dance

and smile I

carry a glass half full

balancing carefully


elegant is a good way to


I should like to hold onto


unique and quirky


aspects of me.

The world does not have

enough creativity to

paint the blues away

nor colour

every grey or dismal day,



enough self-deprecation.

The moon smiles,


The moon knows.



7 Comments on “The Moon Knows.”

  1. janinevasta says:

    The world at large doesn’t have those things, doesn’t see them. But you do. You make others see them too which is a wonderful gift and you do it so well, dear Lily.

    ‘elegant is a good way to be’…can I borrow that some time? I love it!!!!!!!
    and with love,

    • lily says:

      Oh you know you are elegance personified. ; )
      Thank you for your appreciation and sweetness, as always Janine.
      Peace, happiness. Love!!

      ~ Lily

  2. jazfagan says:

    Very beautiful….

  3. Such a very exquisite work of words, Lily!!! I am reminded of “…and dance by the light of the moon.” I believe the song is “Buffalo Gals, Can You Come Out Tonight”?

  4. lily says:

    Wow, lovely compliment, thank you kindly!
    ~ Lily

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