As he leaves the garden…



Did you notice the contrast veining

of the flowers,

the swirl at the center of a daisy,

the velvet and depth of the rose,

the pure fresh simplicity of white

against the greenery,

the vertical lines on each petal?

Do you notice

the pain in her eyes

despite the smile,

the timidity at the corner of her lips,

the hesitation, the fear, the lack of frolic?

She once was a flower,

delicate of beauty

with contrast

of strength, confidence, and innocence,

circled and centered with joy and

linear in her trajectory through life.

One wrong

and so much is staunched,



Perhaps you chose a beautiful blossom,

meant to have it as your own,

but a flower once picked

and held

soon wilts,

petals fall and find

in the wind

an escape.


8 Comments on “As he leaves the garden…”

  1. sandy says:


  2. janinevasta says:

    She once was a flower… But now she’s so much more. xx

  3. So beautifully written, Lily…yet the words brim over with a great sadness.

    • lily says:

      Hmm, yes to the sadness, but without contrast the joys might be taken for granted and they are not. : )

      Thank you for reading and for your thoughts, much appreciated as always,

      ~ Lily

  4. lily says:

    Sometimes there is sadness in beauty, and beauty in sadness. Paradox. ~ Lily

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