Children play, adults run away…



She said it was about time,

that he was a narcissistic manipulator


which made me feel temporarily blinded

and too forgiving,

if there is such a thing.

OK so he wasn’t perfect,

OK so I

was wrong

but now I am


and though I enjoy my walks

work and acquaintances

met in my short time here,

there is that empty longing feeling

that we all know

we know

to give pep talks

to others

yet we ourselves

wear small smiles

while inside

we silently starve.

I’ve never needed much food,

mostly food for thought

and a dash

of joy

now and then

whilst running through life.

In my dreams

I hold hands with others when I run

as if I am a child


in the sunshine.




10 Comments on “Children play, adults run away…”

  1. free penny press says:

    Great expression of how many of us feel (or have felt)..Turn that love inward and I promise you will not starve and one day all that inward love will be returned..
    Head up & heart open, Lily 🙂

  2. lily says:

    Thank you, Lynne. I know, or at least I hope. Sometimes I vent my sorrowful or fearful feelings, but still I know deep down that all things in time, or all things as they are meant to be. Or something like that! : )
    Thank you kindly for the pep talk! Peace and happiness,
    ~ Lily

  3. janinevasta says:

    Hold on dear Lily. You of all people, of all women deserve the top shelf. I hope you know that. xx

  4. irfriske says:

    Seems you are finding yourself more and more alive as you share with us here!

  5. Your writing is the healing process…and you make great strides in healing with each work of words you present, Lily…know that you are never truly ‘alone’, as many keep you in thought throughout the day! BTW, GREAT photo!!!

  6. Wow, that was great. Food for thought and a dash of joy… you deserve a lot more than a dash Lily 🙂
    I really like the picture too..

  7. lily says:

    Thank you, Maggie. You are so sweet. Thank you for going back to read some posts you missed, too. You are a gem.
    I hope you are refreshed and that all is well and happy with you and your family. New grandchildren must seem to grow soooo fast, in your absence!
    ~ Lily

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