Many moons…



Our travels are to Europe,

The Caribbean,

Thailand, Australia,

many miles, many airports,

time changes and jet lags.

Once upon a time

we climbed mountains

atop rocks and lilacs

in the backyard.

We sunk barefoot into sand

silky and hot

used to make mortar

for cinder blocks,

went swinging


to the elm branches,

screamed and laughed

and reached for the sky.

We crouched

low beside the driveway bushes

where miniature plastic people


and floated ants on

glossy green leaves

across puddles,



by tiny human hand

and fine reach

of infinite imaginations

that could truly take us





13 Comments on “Many moons…”

  1. Loved this post, Lily. Reminded me of my own childhood adventures in my backyard. Hope you have a beautiful day!

    • lily says:

      Thank you so much, Joy. It is so nice to see you.
      I’m glad that we have such fond memories to help keep us company.
      Happy weekend to you and your family!
      ~ Lily

  2. irfriske says:

    That is a perfect description of my childhood adventures outside…wonderful memories!

  3. So much imagery…bringing so many wonderful memories! Thank you for these beauteous words, Lily!

  4. Very befitting for summer… a time when one either travels, or dreams of traveling 🙂

    • lily says:

      Maggie! Good to see you! Are you back? How are/were your travels? Yes, Some of us travel All Summer!!

      Thank you for stopping in, in the midst of your busy summer. Hope it is happy!

      ~ Lily

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