Poetry lives here…


I see poetry

in the way the clouds

slip past one another,

so smooth so quiet as

wisps of cirrus caress

soft cumulus.


I see poetry in the new leaf,

miniature of what will unfold,

curled like a flower bud,

colour new-green-gold.


Walking over wet sand,

calm glistens at my feet,

foam weaves in and out.

Reluctant water pulls away

as waves crash and shout.


Poetry in my step

as I click on the slate,

walk in a rhythm,

hurry not to be late.

Swirls of wise stone,

variations on a theme,

atone for my days,

for all that was

not as it seemed.


Walk the pain away,

walk poetry in its place:

send me softness of clouds,

send me flowers of lace.




11 Comments on “Poetry lives here…”

  1. irfriske says:

    Sounds of healing, release, and new found places in the heart. Love the picture it so fits the feel of your words to me.

  2. free penny press says:

    Poetry is life ..it is wonderful life.
    lovely poem, Lily!

  3. janinevasta says:

    Come walk the stones with me in Italy Lily….

  4. Oh, so beautifully written, Lily! You are healing, nicely.

  5. This poem is really great, Lily!

  6. David says:

    I live this as well…lovely so lovely

  7. I’m not sure which is prettier, the picture or your poem…

  8. I feel your words as they embrace me, poetry is also my life! Your poem is lovely, thanks for sharing!

  9. rainey says:

    Lily, this is absolutely beautiful! Thank you so much for sharing your world. Hugs, Rainey

  10. I love the last stanza- really quite beautiful…

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