Glimpses …


Deep into the puddle

where reflections swim and lie

telling of another world,

I dream of entrance as I walk by.

The clouds in cirrus wisps

gently held in cerulean sky

invite me to their comfort

if only I could fly.

The sun in glow and gleam

such radiance, warmth and light–

I do recall that Icarus

regretted taking flight.

Waves and rush of ocean,

breezes and soothing of sea,

water of fury and depths

is like the depth of me.

So here on earth where reflections,

water, light, and sky,

give me fleeting glimpses of heaven

where beauty and peace reside,

I praise these bits of glory

in my humble earth-bound heart

and smile while gazing at splendor–

perhaps my ending, perhaps a start,

a jolting infusion of wonder

present in each and every day,

How bad can my life ever be

when miracles light its way?




18 Comments on “Glimpses …”

  1. I praise these bits of glory
    in my humble earth-bound heart
    (I know I stole your line, but its how I feel)

    • lily says:

      Thank you so much, Maggie! (Also, I suppose it should be an honour if an author chooses to use my line : )
      I hope the preparations for the photo shoot are going well, and I hope that your poor husband has recuperated.
      Wishing you peace and happiness in your heart during these busy times,
      ~ Lily

  2. David says:

    yes….I’m reminded that things are not so bad when I see these beautiful wonders

  3. Better than ever, Lily! Marvelous poem.

  4. free penny press says:

    There is much beauty in this world, we need only remove the veil from our eyes…
    Lovely poem Lily!!!!

  5. irfriske says:

    I sense a change within, a lightening up on your hold on sorrow and the past. Very soft, very easy, slow comfortable musings, on a new trail of light!

  6. Oh Lily, this was beautiful! I too smile when gazing at splendor, little glimpses of heaven where peace and beauty reside. Blessings to you my friend and thank you for such beautiful thoughts.

    • lily says:

      You are welcome, and thank you especially for the blessings, Joy. I always need those and can never have enough : )
      Blessings to you too, and happiness ~ Lily

  7. janinevasta says:

    You’ve got it Lily. Beauty is the answer…. xx

  8. Victoria says:

    Beautiful post and share!

  9. It’s all so very beautiful, Lily…your words and the image.

    I pray you are doing well, and look forward to more posts.

  10. Kadeen says:

    “How bad can my life ever be

    when miracles light its way?”

    That is such a reassuring thought. Thank you for the reminder that sometimes, things are just not as bad as they seem. I hope things are well with you. Have a great day!!

  11. rainey says:

    Oh, Lily, I love your ending on this one! I hope all is well with you; I haven’t heard from you in a while.

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