Life is what happens…





30 Comments on “Life is what happens…”

  1. jazfagan says:

    It’s my turn….LOL

    • lily says:

      We should both have our turns and laughter!
      Hope the contemplation and venting are going well, Jaz : )
      ~ Lily

      • jazfagan says:

        Oh, Lily I am so venting! LOL If you only knew….I am glad to see you back on your hammock and living. You are such a sweet person, you deserve the best, and I hope Karma finds you and loves you… always, peace, Jaz

        • lily says:

          Thank you, Jaz. Vent until you get it all vented (on your blog or mine, I don’t mean towards anyone!), then have a beautiful and relaxing weekend. Peace, and happiness!
          ~ Lily

  2. David says:

    wow:))) What a smile that day must have given you:))

  3. irfriske says:

    Awesome, What a wonderful way to be guided to more and more fun and adventure. Good for you!

    • lily says:

      We can’t all be adventuresome horse riders and trainers, but I do my best to find adventure anyway : ) Thanks, Cat! ~ Lily

  4. jeglatter says:


  5. Wonderful! Absolutely wonderful!!

  6. StillValerie says:

    Hi Lily:

    Glad to see the kindness tsunami is taking effect in your life! Enjoy the ride and take others with you as you seem to be doing.

    If you don’t know what a kindness tsunami is, you can read about it here. (


  7. Good things will always come to good people…
    Thats wonderful Lily!

  8. free penny press says:

    See, what did I tell you last week? I said I felt the wind shifting for you and you were going to have a great summer 🙂
    yes you ARE!!!

    • lily says:

      Ha ha, yes you did say so, oh prescient one.
      Got invited to another party today. Makes me happy to make up for some lost party time : )
      ~ Lily

  9. Wow, this post just warms my heart! And just think if you didn’t go you would not have experienced that beautiful day/evening. So happy for you.

    • lily says:

      Aw, thank you! I know–you’re right, and there must be a lesson here, to take opportunities when they come along and just step over the little fears that are in the way.
      Happy weekend! May you shoot some stunning photos (as usual : )
      ~ Lily

  10. Randy Roberts says:

    Oh look…the fog is lifting.

  11. So happy for you. Sounds like you really have a beautiful song in your heart! Thanks for blessing my heart with your happiness.

  12. Lily, thank you for your beautiful heart that shines on our lives, and on mine. I have nominated you for the Sunshine Award—Congratulations! Blessings, Erin

  13. Gorgeous!!! Thanks for sharing!

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