This is how I wish to be.


Sorry for my love rants, though poetic.  I know that I can vent here in my own little wordpress place, but it seems bad form somehow. I should write my rants and then stash them in a private rant folder, vault, or treehouse.

Truth be told, I love being in love, I miss being in love. Why were we given such capacity to love if not to use it? What good is life without love?

OK, enough. You get the picture. I am lovelorn. But, I am particular, verging on picky, and if I were not so I could be at least dating. Maybe I should not be so picky; sometimes love is found in unexpected places and unexpected people. Well, I shall persevere, in any case. I’m sure that some of you brilliant bloggers have written something applicable so that I can pick up my shattered little lonely self. Actually, I am smiling, and not too shattered at present. Life really is good.



15 Comments on “Accounting.”

  1. Please don’t apologize for your expressions of love and lost…embrace whatever brings you here to write. Blessings & healing.

  2. Rant all you will… Especially when your ranting turns into such beautiful poetry!
    Thats a true gift Lily…

  3. you’re making progress, Lily, keep going.

    • lily says:

      Am I? Well good, I’m glad to hear that, Tom.
      I do intend to keep going. The alternative is not appealing to me. : )
      ~ Lily

  4. DM says:

    Lily, just went to that post you linked…wow..just what I needed to read too..printed it off in fact. I enjoy your rants..remind me of the psalms…there is a place for sharing those emotions..thank you for trusting us enough with them…although I do get it when you start wondering if it’s the best to share it sometimes. lots more I want to say here…need to do the chores and head for work…hope to stop back later and finish my thoughts..DM

    • lily says:

      Psalms? Wow. My early psalmic reading perhaps had an influence.
      Yes, I am sometimes skittish about sharing too much and am unsure where to draw the line at times.
      I hope that the chores and work went well, DM. Stop back anytime to finish your thoughts, or write new ones.
      ~ Lily

  5. Michael Johnston says:

    ” I should write my rants and then stash them in a private rant folder, vault, or treehouse.”

    For the love of the Nine, why? Your space, your rules, your rants. We’re here because we find something of value in reading them; would you deny us this? 🙂 In all seriousness, though, I feel one should never apologize for posting one’s thoughts and feelings, especially in a format where anyone uninterested in it can easily skip over it.

    • lily says:

      Sometimes I set rules for myself, such as “Do not rant too much.” That is one of the reasons for restraining my ranting. However, I shall endeavor to be interesting even if restrained. (I like challenges : )
      But why am I not able to link to your blog? Will you be vacationing from both school and from blogging these days?
      ~ Lily

  6. I’m a ranter too, and I have the same apprehension, but you know what? it’s a purge. Dump it, spill it, empty it all out and one day there will be so much more room for light and joy, but they can’t exist together. I’m sending you a private email. Something that you might find interesting.
    ❤ Lots of Love,

  7. lily says:

    Thank you. True about making room for light and joy, very good point!
    Thank you for letting me know about the email; it is good to know to look for it.
    Wishing you happiness, Stephanie!
    ~ Lily

  8. If deep in your heart this really is your true longing, I imagine it will happen for you…It’s like that night you went to hear the music with your friend…when you give yourself the chance amazing things can happen, maybe true in your future with love as well. May your happiness continue to treat you with it’s wonderful visits! Blessings, Erin

  9. DM says:

    just checking in…no pressure, but I miss reading your postings 🙂 DM

    • lily says:

      Thank you kindly, DM. It always makes me smile to hear from you, and to read your blog posts. They always seem so thoughtful yet with a touch of lightheartedness –must be that Iowa sunshine. Or the influence of Mrs. DM. : )
      ~ Lily

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