Tea time.





one cup


one spoon


No lemon

no mint

no sugar






13 Comments on “Tea time.”

  1. I love tea… I drink it all day long, thats why I love this poem.
    I especially like:
    one spoon

    • lily says:

      Pity you are so far away; we could sip tea together.
      What kind is your favorite, Maggie?
      Happy week,
      ~ Lily

      • I’d love to sip tea with you Lily…

        Green tea with mint is my favorite, whats yours?

        • lily says:

          I like strong green teas, but I often drink decaf because I was never a coffee drinker and am rather sensitive to caffeine.
          Usually I drink tea straight up, but sometimes with ginger or lemon. I shall try some mint! ~ Lily

  2. jeglatter says:

    I love this. Tea for me is simple too like this poem of it.:)

  3. lily says:

    Thank you, Jennifer. Yes, tea is a simple pleasure. The sipping centers me sometimes; maybe it is the quiet and the warmth.
    Happiness to you and your dear family,
    ~ Lily

  4. David says:

    so elegantly minimalisitc

  5. lily says:

    Thank you.
    ~ Lily
    : )

  6. lily says:

    ~ Lily

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