Love is a word.



Love is a word.

Stop throwing it at me.

Eliza Doolittle demanded

that your feelings


Why is it that is too much to ask

of the men I know?

If you make plans,

keep them.

If you disagree,

don’t argue with me.

Don’t kick me when I’m down,

so to speak;

mourning is not your time

of opportunity.

Stop telling me about my

perfect gifts

and thoughtfulness;

think up some of your own.

Better yet,

give of  yourself

so I may cherish


and your spirit:



care and affection–

simple things


you know me

and understand




6 Comments on “Love is a word.”

  1. David says:

    this is well presented and flows so it

    • lily says:

      Well, kind of a vent/rant, and those just… flow sometimes. Glad it wasn’t taken as towards all men; I was concerned about that but it was meant for specific males, I hope that was clear.
      Happy week, David.
      ~ Lily

  2. pacwp says:

    Love is a choice we make, but too often it becomes a weapon we use on others

  3. lily says:

    Hmmm, true pacwp.
    Maybe that is why I feel so weary, beaten with that weapon as I was.
    Thank you,
    ~ Lily

  4. lily says:

    I like the resounding sound of that “YES!” Mona!
    Cheers, to the future and better times–
    ~ Lily

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