Light through Lace Curtains.


With effort

Open the casement window:

fresh air

like a breath

lifts the lace curtains

shadowed softly on the walls.



into acceptance,

days blending

the heavy into light,

the taut raw times


mere wisps of curtains accomplish this,

mere wishes,

many prayers.


Faint flowers of light


dim walls.




6 Comments on “Light through Lace Curtains.”

  1. free penny press says:

    I call this a *le sigh* poem.. wonderful acceptance 🙂

  2. lily says:

    You’re right, Lynne– there are a lot of sighs between the lines. : )
    Happy week,
    ~ Lily

  3. David says:

    I agree…Feels so wispy and flowing…sigh

  4. lily says:

    Thank you, David. For those of us without streams or rivers in our neighborhood, lace curtains sometimes stand in for Nature.
    At least there are breezes for the curtains, and for me. : )
    ~ Lily

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  6. I’m doing ‘catch-up’, Lily.

    Love this poem…it definitely shows your ongoing healing from such a terrible hurt.

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