Sunday Song…chasing those blues (*updated).


This was written by George Harrison, but it is done so well by Davy Knowles. He’s a young blues guitarist from The Isle of Man and he’s toured in the U.S. with guitarists such as Jeff Beck and Joe Satriani.

Sometimes I blast this song when I need to rock my blues away. “Hear Me, Lord.”

It’s a prayer, a contrition, an entreaty. “Help me Lord, please, to rise above this dealing…”

Music is another language with its own beauty and meaning that is difficult to translate. You just have to listen, and feel.

I love when the music says what words cannot, or continues from where the lyrics leave off.

I love when music understands me, even when I do not understand myself.

Phenomenal guitar playing, here. If you are familiar with Rory Gallagher (*my favorite is I Fall Apart, another song that I play over and over. Listen to the guitar solos!), early Knopfler/Dire Straits, or the Clapton of acoustic Layla, you may appreciate Davy Knowles.

Thank you to George Harrison, Davy Knowles, and all of you who visit here. Oh and– to Peter Frampton, who produced Davy’s album. I missed the Frampton frenzy when he was singing, but I know him now as a darn good producer and have listened to some of his music because of that.

Peace, joy, and harmony,

~ Lily




2 Comments on “Sunday Song…chasing those blues (*updated).”

  1. jazfagan says:

    Lily, you knew I would love this! I love Rory Gallagher, we, my old band, used to do his version of Muddy Water’s “I Wonder Who” So I am including the link for you! Peace Jaz!

    • lily says:

      I thought you might like it, Jaz : ) I’ve updated it with you and Rory in mind. Thank you so much for the link. It is amazing to me how obscure Rory Gallagher is in the States beyond musicians and audiophiles. So cool that your band covered him.
      Peace, and a song in your heart,
      ~ Lily

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