Higher Things.


It is heavy on earth.

Must be the gravity

of the situation.

Trudge, trudge–

I was not meant to

trudge with such weight

upon my shoulders.

Enter the sky–

saying Look Up,

Lift Up Your Spirit,

Your weary spirit,

Up to the clouds always changing,

moving, like Flemish paintings

on display in panoramic splendor


hues and light, colours and

tone into night,

Night with vast ever

reaching, lit by stars

and moon so luminous

so calming and

we are a part of it all,

if only the heavy

can be set aside,


unburdened for an instant

we lift up our eyes.


6 Comments on “Higher Things.”

  1. Sloan says:

    Beautiful imagery! Thanks for sharing

  2. So absolutely beautifully done, Lily!

    Much love to you!

  3. free penny press says:

    We must keep our head to the sky..
    beautiful poem Lily!!

  4. janinevasta says:

    Oh Lily…..what is weighing you down? Let me share the load. It’s funny how the sky is so comforting sometimes. It can be so fierce and then so calming. I love the Flemish skies too.
    With love,
    J xx

  5. Kadeen says:

    unburdened for an instant
    we lift up our eyes”.

    I love those last lines. A reminder that there will always be a break from every problem, just enough time to breathe and take a look at the sky.

  6. irfriske says:

    You seem to be incredibly deep in thought, I love the fact you took a breath and looked up to find the wonders of the sky to remind and reward you for finding that just with a simple movement one can find a different thing to gaze at. Then the intenisty just melts away… baby steps, more little baby steps! “.”

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