Spoken softly.


Thank you…

to all of you

who take the time to read here,

to Like,

and to comment

in ways short and sweet,






You surely have no idea how

much your few words mean.

A few words

can have such an effect

on any little life.



Happy Mother’s Day to my mom and all other wonderful moms out there!    ~ Lily



27 Comments on “Spoken softly.”

  1. For some reason, this brought tears, Lily…hope you and your Mom have a beautiful day!

    Glorious photo, too!

  2. jazfagan says:

    Happy Mommy’s Day to you my friend. I hope the day finds you happy and loved….Peace, as always, Jaz

  3. Happy Mother’s Day, Lily! Beautiful image.

  4. kyllingsara says:

    Yes, a few words can in fact contribute to turning-points in people’s lives. Happy mother’s day, Lily.

    • lily says:

      I do believe that. I have had even had well-timed smiles that have made my whole day. Little things, little thoughtful things, do mean a lot sometimes.
      I nearly put your REM song on my last post. Probably wore that song out on the cd. Good thing for itunes.
      Thank you for the wishes : )
      ~ Lily

  5. free penny press says:

    Happy Mother’s Day to you as well Lily!!!
    (Beautiful picture)

  6. Happy Mother’s day Lily! Have a beautiful day!

  7. David says:

    happy mothers day and this was so well said:))

  8. irfriske says:

    Gorgeous picture and as always, perfectly wonderful words! “.”

    • lily says:

      Aw, thanks Cat. You know how I am so often inspired by your purrfect words. I would be thrilled to return the favor every now and then : ) ~ Lily

  9. […] Lily – you sweet and wonderful person who possesses the magical power of words. Your poems have made me weepy and moved, grateful and in awe. Thank you so much for sharing this amazing gift with us here on WP. […]

  10. kyllingsara says:

    Don’t know if you believe in awards, but I sent A Lovely Blog Award your way.

    • lily says:

      Thank you, Sara. You are so thoughtful. What you wrote about me on your blog is lovely, too. Thank you. I hope that you had a carefree walk and movie. It’s good to relax with beauty and imagination when we can. Have a happy week! ~ Lily

  11. janinevasta says:

    You are so welcome Lily. It is you we have to thank! I so enjoy your posts. The power of words…
    A hug, Janine xx

    • lily says:

      Thank you Janine! I’ll be lucky if I can give even a smidge of the enjoyment I get from my vicarious visits to Italy with you. Ahhhh…
      Hugs back!
      ~ Lily

  12. Lily I just want to thank you for the beautiful and inspirational post. I have nominated you for the Versatile Blogger award.

  13. And Thank YOU Lily! (p.s. that flower is one of the most beautiful I have ever seen).

  14. lily says:

    Aw, my pleasure. The colours of that rose are so soft and melting, aren’t they?
    Sending you happiness,
    ~ Lily

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