Water, at last.



I went to visit her

in her small house

and smaller room,



As I walked through,

her nurse in pink

prattled on

but I could not hear;

my thoughts were already

with her.


She smiled

as she always did

as I walked in the door.

I might not do so



Her tongue was



I am sure of it.

Maybe the medication,

maybe the disease.

Moss already starting to grow.


What can I get?

What can I do?

Can I get a glass of water

for you?




I do.


She sips,



as if

as if it is luscious

and precious.

She smiles.


I return the glass

to the kitchen.


The tap water isn’t very cold

the nurse says as she walks in.

Why don’t you put some ice in it,

or maybe you want some soda?


No, no thank you,

it was for her,

not for me.

She drank quite a bit,

as you can see.



Pink turning red.

She can’t drink…

she should not, she

can not,

only intravenous



But she did.

And she was happy

to the end.




20 Comments on “Water, at last.”

  1. pacwp says:

    Oh such heart aching beauty!!!!

  2. You have an amazing gift Lily, even your poems on sickness and death are beautiful…

  3. Mona says:

    Strong imagery

  4. kyllingsara says:

    Beautiful an so sad. Makes me want to cry.

    • lily says:

      Well I certainly would not want to add more things to cry about, but beautiful…we can do with more of that. : )
      Wishing you happiness,
      ~ Lily

  5. janinevasta says:

    Contained, poised and all the more powerful for it. You leave me without words quite a lot Lily. Especially today. Thank you for sharing your beauty with us! Janine x

  6. David says:

    !!! This is so amazing…hung on every word…

  7. This brought back many memories…of my mother in hospice over thirty years ago. As sad a time as it was for me, she was ultimately ‘liberated’ from the pain and suffering too. Thank you for this, Lily!

  8. irfriske says:

    I have been there, the caring comes first, you have done yourself proud, take a bow for putting it so very well! “.”

  9. smommy says:

    You are amazing….and beautiful. Thank you for your words.

  10. Kadeen says:

    This made me think of one of the last moments with my granny. You drew me in, painted a picture I couldn’t resist, and made me feel what you felt. The work of a true writer and artist. Thank you for sharing.

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