Morning mourning.



The morning light



from sleep.

I may walk, I may run

I may catch

the air while fresh.

Beginnings and endings

look the same, sometimes.

Melancholy joy, joyful melancholy



Splash my humanity on like cologne.

I don’t know if I have arrived,

or if I have gone.

I only know

The quiet rose glow of sunlight

is upon me.



21 Comments on “Morning mourning.”

  1. ‘The morning light rose quiet from sleep’… what a beautiful way to describe sunrise…

    • Randy Roberts says:

      plus, “Splash my humanity on like cologne” almost gives me a yin and yang type feel. well done, even if not intended.

    • lily2u1 says:

      Thank you, Maggie. : )
      Has the new granddaughter arrived? I suppose she could be early.
      Are you able to breathe a bit now that the book is off and running? Or I mean, flying?
      ~ Lily

      • lily2u1 says:

        Thank you Randy. I appreciate your comment, and praise. Yes, I’d say some yin yang is intentional. Good of you to notice. ~ Lily

      • Two weeks to go… Its funny I look at my daughter, heavy with child and see beauty and yet she feels fat and ugly and praying she won’t go over!

        The book is like my newborn, it requires lots of love and attention, it even keeps me up at night!
        Thanks for asking 🙂

  2. irfriske says:

    “Splash my humanity on like cologne.” seems like something a lot of us do. Wonderful way to describe your day! “.”

  3. jazfagan says:

    Lily, how beautiful…Peace Jaz

    • lily2u1 says:

      Thanks, Jaz. Always makes me feel good if the artists see the beauty hereabouts. Speaking of: although I had to read quickly today, I couldn’t help but see what a talented photographer your daughter is. I really liked her photos. Tell her great job, great eye. The apple doesn’t fall far… as they say!
      ~ Lily

  4. David says:

    Splash my humanity on like cologne…wow….wow

  5. janinevasta says:

    Sometimes we just need to let the universe, the morning propel us forward another day and another day after that. Until we feel like doing it for ourselves again. I love the gentle sweep of this piece Lily. Feels a lot like floating or staying afloat maybe. You are so talented Lily. Janine x

    • lily2u1 says:

      Yes, you’ve got my present mood down perfectly, as usual. I need to be under the Tuscan sun. Well, don’t we all? : )
      Thank you, Janine.
      ~ Lily

  6. i love your eloquent

  7. Beautifully written, Lily…and I, too, crave the Tuscan sun!

  8. lily2u1 says:

    Wouldn’t it be wonderful to all gather in a villa in the hills? : )
    ~ Lily

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