The Evolution of Sorrow, from me to you.





hollowed until

Only hurt remains;

Ache and want and loneliness,

These are the effects of

Life’s pains.

Deaths, remorse, guilt–

Why couldn’t i

Why couldn’t i

Save, stop, reach


Salvation for another?

It is not something to be found on earth.

This I did not know

when I was so




carved by pain,

erosion by tears,

searing so,

do I hang on, can I let go?


and then

gentle thaw.

In the sunshine

drips the icicle




Dark caverns have left me

with room to grow.



of all but


Sinewy strength,

Supreme gratitude.

The chasms fill

with contentment,

simple pleasures,

flashes of smiles.

Did you not know?

For all of the grief and sorrow

All of the pain and fear,

You have been given a gift:

This space

Where the soul flourishes

with grace

and stays true,

And the heart has room to grow

in its pure solitude.

Caches new and beautifully carved

Invite revelation,

Vision, compassion, perception,

to see outside yourself.


will walk with you,

as you belong:

Child of the universe,

Deeply and divinely human,


of  Joy

and Love.




19 Comments on “The Evolution of Sorrow, from me to you.”

  1. Hi Lily, this poem seems to convey more raw more invloluntary dripping of words onto the page, drip, drip each word scattering powerful images, left and right …
    Masterly as usual, Tom

  2. Loved the transition from sadness to joy. Lovely.

  3. free penny press says:

    In every painful experience it allowed me to know joy. There is light at the end of sorrow. I hold that to be true.
    wonderfully expressed here Lily.
    thank you for sharing!!

  4. smommy says:

    xoxo…felt you were speaking to my heart. thank you for that.

  5. Deeply beautiful, Lily. Makes me think of some of your stories about your life you have shared. Your poem creates an image of GRACE within me…a Grace that is upon you and for you. Thank you as always. Blessings, Erin

  6. Just. So. Lovely! You ARE getting stronger…the writing is marvelous and deep, the photos, especially the ‘blue’ are some of your best!

  7. janinevasta says:

    I love the crescendo Lily. Like a symphony building. You are a rare girl with a rarer talent.

  8. lily2u1 says:

    Thank you, Janine– I am rather weird, so that is part of the rarity, I’m sure, but it is a fine compliment to be so appreciated. I will just keep at it, just keep setting down feelings and thoughts and impressions, and see where they go. That they go to you, as well as to others I’ve come to care about, is a marvelous thing. Your sensitivity is amazing and inspiring. Thank you.
    ~ Lily

  9. irfriske says:

    Stepping out so beautifully forward from the cold of old, to the spring of new! Lushily heart filling to read.

  10. […] The Evolution of Sorrow, from me to you. ( […]

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