A Toast, To Whine.


Two wine glasses on the table,

Brittle, thin, like ice on blacktop,

Bottle uncorked,

“Let us see what we have here,

My dear…” he says,

“Not bold enough,

A bit fruity, could use

More balance.

Berries and pomegranate, I would guess,

Ever-so-slightly fading,

Not fully rounded,

That is, a bit thin,

Indistinct at the nose,

The spice hardly exotic enough,

for my taste,

The hints of mineral

Too subtle, too sensitive

But it may pair well with

Light fare, as you favour.

Let me hold it up to the light–

Colour too listless,

Perhaps, over time

Such shortcomings might

Be overcome,

It may embolden,

It may relax, open up,

But the legs: scrawny, do you see?”

Dripping down from the edge.

I feel

The constraint.

But I like

the bouquet, I say.

I am, I mean–it is–

Bold enough, for me,

Though I find

The pairing

altogether too rocky,

The selection a tich bitter,

Lacking character.

(Why partake, when there is a choice?)

May I ask:

Why do you continue to drink

Such imperfection

Seeing as how you are

Such a connoisseur?




17 Comments on “A Toast, To Whine.”

  1. pinkagendist says:

    Never buy wine that comes with a screw cap top 😀

    • lily2u1 says:

      I may switch to brandy, anyway. I don’t think that I can take a double, though. I am such a wimp. I think it is called “lightweight” in drinking lingo. Not that I would really know…
      Happy day, P.A.! ~ Lily

    • Actually some decent every day wines come with screw caps now…and in boxes!

      • lily2u1 says:

        I don’t know, there is something about corks, and opening a wine bottle that is corked… but I am not an every-day wine drinker, anyway. Lord help us if I start to drink Anything, every day…!
        : )
        ~ Lily

    • lily2u1 says:

      This little gem of a comment was found in the Spam file–on Sunday, four days later– just because I happened to look in Spam. Every so often a comment ends up there, with no rhyme nor reason that I can determine. I am so sorry, Thomas. I love this comment, even though I am late to finding it. Maybe I needed it more today : )
      Many belated thanks,
      ~ Lily

  2. Love this one. Kind of funny, but with a deeper truth.


  3. My first response? Tell him to bugger off!

    Enjoy what pleases you, Lily. We are not here on this great Earth to PLEASE others, but to PLEASE our Creator…and live the life as best we can…without the intrusion of those who seem to be control-freaks!

    There, I’ve said it…and the sooner you free your mind of this being, the stronger and better human being you shall become.

  4. lily2u1 says:

    Well I let my imagination run a little bit, here, but you do have the… essential elements from which I ventured. However, the main tug-of-war for me has been that the other option is… Alone. (Well, me and my God, I suppose, but perhaps I am too worldly.) It is alright, I am getting used to my aloneness, though I sometimes weaken and then come here to write spine-strengthening poetry…
    Thank you for your encouragement!
    ~ Lily

  5. kyllingsara says:

    You’ll always have me and bold flavors. Weak flavors will always remain weak while boldness inspires creativity and adventure. Drop the weak and spinless who will always try to convince you that they are more exciting than they are, hoping you won’t notice through their loud obnoxious behaviour, their need to always be right and in charge. Boldness has no need for shouting. Here’s to brandy and bold colors.


    • lily2u1 says:

      Thank you, Sara. (I’m not sure about the brandy, really. The person to whom I was speaking is a brandy drinker who was schooling me a bit in the art of brandy drinking. But yes, I may give it a try! : )
      The need to be in charge, and shouting… well you hit those on the head! I ducked and ran for cover, but find it is a bit lonesome. Other than that, I am well! And you, my friend, I am amazed that you even had opportunity to wander over to my place. What can I get you? Some zen-calm to go with your strength? Hmm. I’ll have to write a happy poem to which we can escape if we wish!
      Do you remember this from Anne of Green Gables: “When twilight drops her curtain down and pins it with a star, Remember that you have a friend, though she may wander far.”
      ~ Lily

  6. Dawn Shepler says:

    Bad relationships make good poetry but bad relationships.
    Wonderful words, icky situation.
    Here’s hoping for a good relationship to challenge your writing skills! Cheers! (I’m toasting you with coffee, btw 🙂 )

    • lily2u1 says:

      Thank you for the concise analysis and for your good wishes, Dawn!
      Cheers (with my little water glass) back at you, my fellow sea-glass aficionado. ~ Lily

  7. irfriske says:

    Aptly and amusingly named…so understood!

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