What makes a person try again,

Second chances, third and fourth?

Like an animal in a pen

With no where else to go,

Darting eyes, circling the perimeter,

head down

In resignation and yet

At any moment that gate may open,

At any moment a burst of hope,

Energy, Herculean Leap

Over that fence, over

It could be over

At any moment.


Thank you to all who wrote and/or read, last post and others. I am so sorry for not yet replying. It is a difficult time at the moment, but “Naught may endure but Mutability” as we know, so I am sure that it is just a passing dark cloud, or two. My mind is cuing Annie’s “The sun will come out … tomorrow …”  Ugh. Never even saw that, but I sure do know the song, and the voice singing it. It is somehow in the file of my childhood. Interesting how our minds work. Sometimes That’s just Entertainment, sometimes our minds must think we simply need to be soothed. I shall embark on a long walk before dinner and then maybe (you may remember this post): go to a movie this evening …

I hope your week is happy!   ~ Lily

p.s. The wordpress feature “Read” that shows me your new posts, is not working. It seems to be loading ad infinitum. Anyone else ever had this happen? Is there a way to reset it, or something?

20 Comments on “Circles.”

  1. terry1954 says:

    i would try again, if a gem came along

  2. Bethany says:

    Very thought-provoking work, as always Lily. : )

  3. Dawn Shepler says:

    “at any moment a burst of hope” LOVE that!

  4. You really do have a gift and I hope all your difficulties soon pass.

    • lily2u1 says:

      Hi Maggie, ohhh my difficulties come and go…
      but my chin is always up and I am happy always, just more or less!
      But thank you so much… and a gift? Hmm, if so, I will gladly accept it,
      if only I could then figure out what to do with it…!
      Happy week, hope your waters there are serene and beautiful,
      ~ Lily

  5. You have A driven intellect, Lily, I like your spirit, girl!

    • lily2u1 says:

      Oh good. Well, I think it is understated spunk, Thomas, not that there seems to be much Use for such a thing! However, carrying on is one of my specialties. We can both be carrying on, or Each carrying on, in our little corners of the world.
      ~ Lily

  6. free penny press says:

    I understand.. completely..
    it will pass…I said so 🙂

    • lily2u1 says:

      I am very glad to hear that.
      Thank you, Lynne.
      I need a … a male poet… to caress my tender heart…
      (Maybe I should be writing lyrics to heart-break songs.
      Just as a distraction until the clouds pass over, you understand…)
      Hope your new-found love and its possibilities are still there for you.
      ~ Lily

  7. irfriske says:

    Once again I so understand your words, wisdom, and the feeling of stagnation, Things will get better!

  8. jeglatter says:

    Knowing light for you as your cloud passes…nice poem…my reader isnt working either right now will let you know if I figure it out.:) -Jennifer

  9. lily2u1 says:

    Thank you for your compliment and for letting me know about the Reader, Jennifer.
    Well at least it is not just something I have done, then. Hmm. I will keep you posted, and if you happen to trouble shoot, let me know… it has worked Once in three days.
    ~ Lily

  10. Oh, Lily…forget “Annie” and try Dick Van Dyke and Janet Leigh from “Bye, Bye Birdie”…”Put on a Happy Face”!

    It’s almost magical how it makes one smile.

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