Adolescence: my roots and branches.



Yes, that was me up in that tree,

one-hundred-year-old maple–

You could tell by the skunned knee,

It was me, there,

Me with the stringy hair,

Only from the mayonnaise,

said to be a natural conditioner,

and lemon-juice highlights…

I was a salad,

Waiting to be tossed.

What did I know

In my gangly days,

Fair and shy,

Growing heat, summer daze?

Me with my books,

I read only classics and romance, then

Apart from the world,

Or was I a part of it,

Nearer the clouds, one with the tree?

Taking in the hills, beauty as far as I could see,

Straddling earth and the heavens,

Proving the skill of scaling that tree

Certainly beat the boys

Chasing after me.




15 Comments on “Adolescence: my roots and branches.”

  1. mayonnaise and lemon juice…I remember those days…just not on me. lol

    Be encouraged!

  2. This brings back great memories. There was nothing better then to find a good climbing tree and way up high where no one could find me, sit listening to the birds and feeling the cool breeze as it ruffled the leaves. Loved this poem.

    • lily2u1 says:

      Ah, a fellow tree climber! I’m glad that you liked this, Joy.
      Nice to “see” you here! I hope that all is well and happy in your world!
      ~ Lily

  3. irfriske says:

    That was just pure joy to read!

  4. janinevasta says:

    I think this is my favourite poem yet Lily. You recreate those gangly years perfectly, so bittersweet. But it’s positive too. Hold on to that little girl. She’s back to help you I think. Jxx

  5. You really need to get these published Lily. For the world to read 🙂

    • lily2u1 says:

      Aw. Thank you, Maggie. Itinerant poets are a dime a dozen, I am sure.
      Maybe when I have culled through the reams and reams of notebooks (and posts) … someday : )
      Many thanks, and many happy returns of the day to you, Maggie. ~ Lily

  6. You are getting better and better!

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