So, this is what transpired this morning …


On the way to church today, I was happy for the beautiful sunshine but I was on the wistful side, thinking of my children being so far away and not home for Easter. Parents are supposed to give their children both roots and wings (I think Gibran said that), and my kids got wings, for sure. Roots, well they have love even if their last childhood home is not ours anymore and even if they had to move around a lot. Remember when so many of us had extended families living right around us when we were growing up? I wish my kids had that. So anyway, I was breathing in the fresh spring air, admiring the bright emerging greens and basically trying to “smell the flowers” while being… wistful.

God–I’ll just call Him that, and refer to Him as male just because I’m used to doing so, though I mean Supreme Being, and of any religion or philosophy. It seems to me that if we are made in “(God’s) image and likeness” then God somehow must encompass all of us. I won’t get into my agnostic waverings or discuss religion as the way to make sense of our world, only to say that for me, I have to believe and I have to reach out. To Someone.

Anyway, before I got on That tangent, I was going to say that God has ways of responding to me. Alright, I may be weird and I’m sure it is high time to embrace this weirdness, but here I was missing my kids, sitting in a church with beautiful morning light through its romanesque windows, trying to pray while noticing all of the families walking in, each person dressed up for Easter in dresses and suits, when a family sat right in front of me.

There was the most adorable baby, just a few months old, who smiled at me throughout the service. There may be nothing more revitalizing than being around happy children. Not only that (and here is where the weirdness comes in), the toy that the baby was holding, chewing, and hugging throughout this Easter service was one that my kids had also had. It was a special toy, for us, because my eldest had saved up for it and gave it to baby sibling as a gift, the first gift ever amongst them. Oddly, I haven’t seen this toy around since then, almost twenty years ago. Maybe it is a nostalgic reissue, who knows.

So of course I’m sitting there thinking, “Hmm, this reminds me of My baby, My kids, and this makes me smile to think of that gift and those happy childhood times.” Even though my children weren’t there with me, joyful thoughts of them were. And that made their mom very happy.

Then, it was time to sing and I opened the songbook. Bits of paper fluttered all over me, like confetti. What was this? God is celebrating because I am here singing? It was odd, you have to admit. The miniscule pieces of paper were indeed the size of confetti, uneven white confetti with scattered type, as if from the pages of a book. My best guess was that a bored child made this would-be confetti during a service, and then hid it in the pages amongst the hymns. Surprise!

The Easter service itself was much as I had remembered, and I did feel sorry for all of the little children, primped and dressed in pastel Easter finery, who had to sit there for such a long time. However, the sermon was wonderful, maybe even for children, because the pastor talked of Love. He spoke of going out into the world and, basically, spreading love and living in a loving way. He said that this was what Jesus did, and imagine how much better the world would be if we all concentrated on being loving people. I can’t argue with that.

There was even a parting gift, or for me maybe a “welcome gift”–  a little book of meditations. God knows I can use that.

Probably the creme-de-la-church-visit today was that a young woman asked me afterwards if I happen to go to that particular church often, because she was (as I have done periodically) “shopping” for a new church to become involved with and to be comfortable in. Turns out, she lives two houses away from me! So, we may go to the services together. In the course of conversation (though short), I learned that she attended the same university as one of my siblings, and that her sister and I have the same name. Coincidences, ah of course, but happy coincidences add to the joy of life, as we know!

Happy Easter or Happy Passover to all who are celebrating, and Happiness to all!

I listened to the sermon; I send you Love!

~ Lily



18 Comments on “So, this is what transpired this morning …”

  1. free penny press says:

    I’m glad you had an enjoyable day .. I did as well.
    Sending that love and joy right back to you Miss Lily!!!

    • lily2u1 says:

      I’m glad that you had a happy day, too, Lynne! I thought of your post, the one with the black and white photo, a lot today. One life to live, make it good, live fully… and how you are! I shall endeavor to do more of that, too.
      Cheers, to you!
      ~ Lily

  2. janinevasta says:

    Reading the signs is really important. Even when they’re not the ones we want to see. But your Easter held only good ones and I’m so happy for you.

    Now I have to tell you. After all the talk about songs in your head, I woke today with Gilbert O’ Sullivan “Alone again, naturally”…Totally out of the blue… I’m feeling OK. Not down, not worried as much as usual. The holidays are welcome for that reason alone. I can only put it down to our chats. And when I listened to it just now on youtube – and the lyrics are sad – I was happy too. Maybe because just singing and talking about being alone is both to speak the truth and to find a way out of our loneliness. Do you know the song? Take a moment when you’re feeling good.


    • lily2u1 says:

      Oh yes, I do know that song, and it is sooo sad! What a song to hear upon awakening, Janine! But you’re right, a lot of the time it is the truth, the human condition I suppose, and we try to alleviate our loneliness and we try to find love as best we can. I always think that there are so many lonely people out there and I only really need to find one to love (romantic love). I did think that my children were marvelous company, when they were around and growing up, even just watching them come and go. But why are you worried? I’m glad that it is not as much as usual, anyway. ~ Lily

  3. kyllingsara says:

    As you might have deducted by now, I didn’t make it to church this morning. But in the words of Anne of Green Gables: “If I really wanted to pray, I’d go out into a great, big field, all alone, and I’d look up into the sky. I’d imagine it was the dome of a great cathedral, and then I’d close my eyes and just feel the prayer.”

    • lily2u1 says:

      When I feel closest to God, I am usually not in church. Church helps me feel a sense of community sometimes though, and I always seem to meet people there.

      OMGoodness, Anne of Green Gables was my very favorite book when I was growing up! I loved Anne. I read that book over and over. I think it was my first chapter book, my Grandma brought it back from PEI for me.
      Well you know how I am so enamored by Nature and sustained by it, so I have no quibble with a field as the finest cathedral, whether one imagines an actual great cathedral while standing alone there or not.
      Also, religion is a very personal thing. I’ve had my times when I couldn’t handle it and other times when I desperately needed God. Most of the time I am more at ease with my own thoughts of it. I am the last person to tell anyone else what they should think or do along those lines. Follow your heart, mind, body– intuition and “gut”– and things usually work out eventually! Or so I have found.

      Ah Life, it is sooo difficult at times! Rest your weary mind sometimes and know that there are people out there who care.
      ~ Lily

  4. It sounds like God opened his arms to you Lily…revel in the comfort.

  5. DM says:

    lots of good stuff. I especially was encouraged by the serendipitous encounter w/ your neighbor. On a related note, We went to church yesterday w/ our youngest son. He invited us to visit a church he’s been attending the past few months…he’s just recently taken a second look @ the faith dimension of his life after several years of “sowing to the wind”. I came away encouraged.

    • lily2u1 says:

      Yes, it does seem to be a common practice of young people to be… drifting with the wind, at times. I used to go “church shopping” periodically. Huh, I still do at times. There is a feeling of belonging everywhere but nowhere, of seeking without really knowing what one is looking for. A lot of it — is within.
      Great for your son if he’s found a place that feels like “home” as that may mean, at least in part, that he is feeling settled inside. And that makes a parent feel so good, doesn’t it?
      Hope you are having a good week, DM, savouring those morel mushrooms and breathing in the apple blossoms! ~ Lily

  6. Serendipity…a marvelous thing!

  7. Sloan says:

    Lily, great post. It seems to me that what would really be “weird” would be someone who never noticed all the little synchronicities in daily life that remind us of the Divine Presence that surrounds us always. Thanks for sharing your beautiful thoughts!

  8. irfriske says:

    I just love the synchronosity you have found in your world and that you take the time to share it with people here!

  9. lily2u1 says:

    Yes, the synchronicity and serendipity of Life is fine indeed! It is my pleasure to share it. As you know : )
    Peace, joy,
    ~ Lily

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