Open the Box.


Post deleted.

TMI, I decided.

I’m sorry.

The several comments are great though, so if you’ve wandered here, you can read the comments and then go on over to another post if you’d like. You are cordially invited to visit any other.

Have a happy week,

~ Lily

12 Comments on “Open the Box.”

  1. janinevasta says:

    O Lily! I really feel for you and so admire your courage. Are you not fond of being alone or not fond of being lonely? Maybe both. I’m curious. Jx

    • lily2u1 says:

      Well I guess I am mostly not fond of being Emotionally alone. You can be connected even while not being actually with someone. I am certainly used to being alone, as in left alone, and I probably need that in some ways because I had to keep myself company with reading, writing, music, gardening, and so on. I love Nature, I pray and feel Someone listens, and I feel connected to the world/universe.
      So to answer your question, maybe I am lonely and craving the human connection that I didn’t have for so long.

      Eh, this was a good vent. Thanks for listening, Janine! You have a good shoulder. I just have to pick myself up, dust myself off, and start all over again.

      Survival is probably not all that courageous. I never found the other option appealing. : )

      Thank you for listening. I hope all the doors you open lead to good places.

      ~ Lily

  2. ebonyjohanna says:

    Thanks for being so vulnerable and sharing your thoughts! I pray that you take the time you need to heal from your past relationship, sounds like it might have been a stinker, and learn more about yourself. Self discovery rooted in the right kind of identity analysis can make all of the difference in the world!

    • lily2u1 says:

      Thank you kindly for visiting and for your thoughtful comment, ebonyjohanna. Thank you ever so much for your prayers, as well; I don’t know what I would have done without Someone listening to my little prayers over the years!

      I am working on the discovery. It may take awhile as I am so very human, but I’m getting there. It helps to write it out.

      Have a wonderful week,
      ~ Lily

  3. kyllingsara says:

    I would be reading, knitting, or something else requiring only one person.

    He would say “What am I supposed to do?”

    I like being alone, just not lonely, as I suspect you do as well.

    • lily2u1 says:

      Thank you for stopping by!
      You’re right, I like to be alone at times. I may have spent too much time alone reading; I seem to have a notion that it is possible to find a “soul mate” sort of man who would connect with my mind, body, and spirit. Maybe that is just a pie-in-the-sky idealistic notion.

      Hope your week is happy!
      ~ Lily

  4. Getting out from under a controlling person leaves you feeling ‘who am I’ now? But you’ll work it out. I don’t like being alone either but I like it too, having my own time.

    • lily2u1 says:

      Thank you so much for visiting and for writing. I am so sorry– just found this comment. It had gone to the “spam” file for some reason. Ugh, what’s with that?
      Anyway, you are exactly right about the “who am I now?” feeling. How perceptive of you. It is precisely what I am now dealing with. Thank you for the empathy, and the confidence that things will work out!
      Happy weekend,
      ~ Lily

  5. DM says:

    I read it before it disappeared 😉 You sound a lot like Mrs DM (my wife) …here’s trusting that God brings someone along who is compatible and everything you’re looking for.

    • lily2u1 says:

      Thank you, DM.
      You’re right, I should trust the Lord to get me where I am going, but surely He expects me to exercise my God-given common sense and fortitude on my way. I do wish that my path might be ever-so-slightly more illuminated however, blind soul that I am.

      I hope you are having a good week!

      _ Lily

  6. Hi Lily,

    I read your post on my email and was deply moved. While it is always difficult to express our true selves (sometimes it is just plain hard to put it into words), you have proven time over time how important it is. Not only for you, but for those of us who read your work.

    I follow quite a few blogs, but there is always something special about reading yours. Maybe it is the raw intensity I read in your words, or maybe it is the emotion I feel, or maybe it is something I can’t define, but I thank you for it. Please keep it up. As I have writtent to you before…we need your voice.

    Be encouraged!

  7. lily2u1 says:

    Wow, thank you Stephen. That is certainly encouraging to hear. You are right, I am an inwardly intense person, but by nature very joyful. It is a pretty good combination, when balanced!
    It is going to take some courage to write some of the things that have to be written, but I’ll get there, as you have done.
    Hope the week is happy for you and Susie,
    ~ Lily

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